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Cool Tips on How to Get Famous Fast That are Sure to Work for You

How to Get Famous Fast
In today's world of social networking, getting famous isn't really that hard. With the right approach, you can achieve fame easily within a short period of time.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
'When anybody honks at me in traffic, I blush, wave, and shout, "Thanks for being a fan." Being a celebrity is a 24/7 thing. - Jarod Kintz, $3.33
Arriving at the Wembley with a whole band of groupies and giving a performance that leaves the audience salivating? Or going to the Madison Square Garden and dunking them in? Or acting in Steven Spielberg's next eye-popping story? Or, somewhat less glamorously, brokering the next big merger deal in the world? Fame has different faces, all of them as appealing as the next! Now while achieving fame in one field is quite different from being famous in another, the basic steps are still quite the same.
Career Decision
making a career decision
The first, most important thing you need to do to become famous is to pick a career which you like doing, and can pursue passionately for the rest of your life. If you want to become famous, it is important, as your work and your career will constantly be in the unforgiving eyes of the media. You will not only need to work hard, but with a good deal of passion as well. For that you need to know what career comes very naturally to you. Where do your talents, tapped or hidden, lie?
Smart Work vs Hard Work
smart worker
It takes a lot of hard work to become famous. Hard work and self-motivation are two very important things you need. Once you have picked out a career for yourself, you ought to be determined to be successful in it. You need to practice and perfect your art, because, after all, practice makes perfect. Kick out that habit of procrastination. Be focused.

Times have become more and more competitive and mere hard work won't do. In this time of opportunities, also realize that there is a lot of talent out there. Hence you will face very tough competition, a rat race. You should be ready to take up any challenge and face up to any competition. Collaborate hard work with smart work. Plan smartly. What you need is the 'X' factor, something different, yet marketable. Not too long ago, men were supposed to have a clean-cut image. How we hate them now! Think of all the stars today. Flawed personalities, a bit of dirt, a tinge on the otherwise spotless shirt is the rage today. So hard work and goal setting isn't always enough. With it you need confidence, wit, charm, and a smart way of doing things. So 'work' on that too!
A Good Network
smart global network
Before you become a celebrity, you need to be big in your block, on your street, and in your city. Fame is best tasted one sip at a time. A good network of people will always help you know where to go, what to do, and what works. It will also help endorse you when the opportunity arises. A celebrity needs PR, so you can use your network to the same end. Use your friends, colleagues, and relatives to spread the word about you. Every star needs light to be reflected on it in order to be seen!
Use the Various Channels Available
go viral
There are various channels you can use to showcase your talent. The most popular one today is the Internet. Want to get big in singing or dancing? Why not shoot a video of yourself and post it on YouTube or a social networking website? This is the best way of getting famous on the Internet!

You can also use various conventional channels such as stage shows and reality shows to show your talent to the people who are watching. All you need to do is boost your public profile!
Of course no one man is too intelligent. Intelligence is a collective phenomenon. So whether you need some good advice, motivation, time management, or positive thinking, you need someone who can guide you. Someone who knows more about the world and more about the people than you do. Someone who not only tells you the tips and tricks, but also cleans up behind you!
A Few Tips to Help You Get Famous Fast
- Becoming famous is not only about money and fame. It is something deeper than that. It is achieving fame through something you 'love' to do, something that ignites the passion in you.
- Be unique. Be different and creative. There is nothing parallel to someone who can think out-of-the-box.
- Do not wait for your dream to come true. It never will. You have to make it come true, because you are the maker of your own destiny.
- Have conviction. Tell yourself everyday that you want to make it big and you 'deserve to make it big soon'.
- Think positive. There is nothing like a positive, confident, and assertive mind. If you develop these qualities, then you have already taken the first step to becoming famous.
- Increase your channel of contacts. Mingle with people. You never know who might be your 'break'.
- Contact your local newspaper or magazine, and ask them to do an interview on you. Get them interested in your work/thinking/achievements.
- You need to understand that there are more than a couple of ways to become famous. If a door closes, another opens up for you. Look out for that 'open door'.
Remember, fame follows success and the key to being successful is through tireless hard work! Of course, there are a few short-cuts to fame as well, like marrying someone who is already famous. However, if you want to be famous, and be remembered for something, there are no short cuts.

So make sure that you are doing something you love. Not only will it not seem like work then, but will put you one step closer to being famous. And do not hesitate to venture into something you love doing; if you are passionate about it, chances are you will do a much better job at it than working in a high-profile job you hate. Though we said "fame has different faces, all of them as appealing as the next!", you don't want to be famous for the wrong reasons.
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