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Goal-setting Worksheet

Here's a Constructive Goal-setting Worksheet You Must Follow

A goal-setting worksheet helps in setting a goal and provides an accountability to achieve that goal. In this following article, we will understand how to set a worksheet and how it helps.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
When a person is at a crucial stage of his life which involves a lot of decision-making, it can be a very confusing time. That's because, the decision will determine what direction life will take. This is a time that is marked by a person standing at crossroads and not knowing what to do. Since there are several decisions to be taken and varied choices to be made, each of these might seem more appealing than the other.
At a time like this, a person will face tremendous confusion about which path to choose and whether that path is the best choice for him or not. If you can identify yourself with this situation, then there is something that can be done to help you make your decision. No, a genie won't magically come to your rescue and no, there won't be a crystal ball to gaze into to make your decision easier. But there is a technique called the 'goal-setting worksheet', using of which will help you take that decision by yourself. Let us find out how to prepare one, and how it works.
Personal Worksheet
Planning to draw up certain plans for life and decide what your goals should entail can be a pretty daunting task if you don't know how. Here's how to do it.
Determining Goals
Here's what you'll need to do for personal goal-setting―take some time out and sit down for this one. Make a list of the things that you want to achieve in your life. What are the goals that are important to you. After this list has been made, make three columns for three things―
  1. Describe the goal and set a deadline (Let the deadline be a realistic one).
  2. The reasons behind achieving that goal.
  3. The obstacles you might face in doing so.
For example, if your goal is to get a promotion in your job and the deadline is the time of your appraisal. Your reasons for it is so that you'll be at a higher position in your career and that will lead to getting more respect in the society. You might face obstacles like your colleagues trying to pull you down or you not being able to complete a target.
Breakdown Goals
Once this is determined, you must mark a week by week progress of the goal. If it cannot be followed so close together, then at least a record of general achievements is an essential component. For example, you can mark on a planner or a calendar, what are the projects you will finish doing by end of the first month, what committees you will join by a particular time of the year. Make sure that they are realistic, because simply writing on a piece of paper and piling on the responsibilities won't help, you will have to work to make them happen. Once this is done, you will see that the goal which looked far-fetched and unachievable will suddenly be more realistic. Since a step by step execution has been planned, it is easier to achieve it.
Here is a template to help you out. It is the same form that has been explained above.
Goal-setting Worksheet
  1. Name your Goal(s).
  2. Describe your goal as specifically as possible (try not to be vague as this will be a hindrance in achieving your goal).
  3. Set a deadline.
  4. Why is the goal important to you? Give reasons.
  5. What are the obstacles that you might face.
  6. What are some qualities that will help you to achieve your goals? List them.
Worksheet for Students
If you get into the habit of setting goals and then planning for their success, you will see that there are more chances of you succeeding, than when you simply following the dictum 'going with the flow'. When you plan and set out concrete ways to achieve that goal, there are better chances of them getting converted into reality. As a student, one is at a stage where there is still a lot left to achieve and nothing is set. There have to be the setting of behavior as well as the setting of goals. It is possible to change habits and inculcate good ones into your lifestyle, something that will help you in later life. And along with that, setting up a worksheet for your studies is also important.
Following the above-mentioned template will help you with this. For example if your goal is to do exceptionally well in your exams which are 6 months away, then follow the worksheet template (given above) and you'll find that the goal will become easier to achieve. Formulating a worksheet for high school students is also very essential because they are at an important stage in their lives when they need to take several decisions. The above-mentioned worksheet will show you how to set goals and achieve them.
A goal-setting worksheet will not only help you achieve your goals better, but will also prove to be an important tool in helping you improve varied areas of your life. Try using the worksheet sometimes and you'll see the results for yourself.