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Weekly Schedule Template

Weekly Schedule Template to Be Organized and More Productive

You need to maintain a weekly schedule for many things inclusive of job search, exercises, studies, menu planning, etc. Find some useful templates in this article.
Torque Earnest
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
We all run helter-skelter for various errands all through the week, not to forget the last moment running around and fretting about how unorganized things are, and how much of time the chores consume, leaving little scope to take time out for our own self, Isn't it? So I came to write about the weekly schedule. My work's been really easy and organized from the time I have implemented this simple plan in my own schedule.
A weekly schedule might give you a picture of your school days, when a lot of emphasis was given on making a timetable and following it. Well, think back, was it really not useful? It indeed was. The sample weekly schedule given below, will very easily explain you more about it. It consists of the most common things which we all mess up within our fast-paced lives and laid back attitudes. Have a look at the particulars and you will understand by yourself.
Weekly Work Schedule #1
Weekly Chores
Task No. Chores Checklist Notes

The criteria mentioned above has very basic things, like what all needs to be done during the span of one week and then a column for noting down what has been covered. Along with these, what you can also add is a column for the weekly budget, if you are a spendthrift or if money does not have a very amicable relation with you and keeps slipping away someway or the other.
Presented below is another template for the homemakers! Deciding everyday, what to make, what to cook, what to buy, etc., takes up a lot of time from your day and it adds up to the tension and stress too. So here's an attempt for you to just help you ease your task. All you need to do is put in some thinking with a cool mind and follow this weekly menu planner template. Following this, you can not only keep a tab on your family's diet, but also be efficient and relaxed while making your next to-buy list for your next visit to the grocery shop.
Weekly Work Schedule #2
Meal Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Treat !
King's Food
Prince's Menu
Pauper's Meal
Tea - Time

Another chunk of work that takes up your time is the house cleaning! So here are some tips for making a house cleaning schedule template. You can make columns for different rooms in your home and assign some work to your kids or your partner. For example, cleaning the study desk, wiping the table in the kitchen after meals, arranging the clothes after they are washed and keeping them in place, etc. This way the work will be evenly divided and you will also be successful in inculcating discipline in the house.
Hope the templates given in this article help you form your own schedule and it contributes towards making your daily life easier and also leaves you with ample time for yourself, as well as your family and friends.