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Unbiased List of Human Qualities With Positive and Negative Traits

List of Human Qualities
The human brain is capable of higher order activities. We experience a range of emotions and possess self-awareness in addition to consciousness.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
There are no greater treasures than the highest human qualities such as compassion, courage and hope. Not even tragic accident or disaster can destroy such treasures of the heart.
- Daisaku Ikeda
Right from childhood, our parents and teachers try to instill various good qualities in us. These qualities are known to be the true mark of a good human being. It is up to the individual to imbibe these in order to become a good person and to lead a happy life.

In today's fast-paced world, many of these human qualities are either low on priority or are forgotten by some people. When was the last time you actually helped a person by making an extra effort from your side? Do you have more friends on your social networking site rather than in reality? Here is a concise list of qualities to help you reach out to people on a personal level and be a good human being.
List of Positive Traits
empathetic enduring friendly frugal calm capable determined devoted
helpful humorous idealistic imaginative joyful just kind logical
insightful loyal mature noble realistic reliable simple sincere
tolerant trustworthy selfless vital warm polite patient inspiring tolerant
• Able • Ambitious • Analytical • Astute • Attentive • Aware • Balanced • Brilliant • Cautious • Certain • Charitable • Confident • Considerate • Consistent • Courageous • Conscientious • Courteous • Decisive • Disciplined • Driven • Efficient • Erudite • Faithful • Flexible • Focused • Graceful • Grateful • Industrious • Innovative • Modest • Nurturing • Obedient • Outgoing • Perceptive • Persevering • Poised • Practical • Professional • Punctual • Resourceful • Respectful • Responsible •
List of Negative Traits
arrogant aggressive biased boastful fearful finicky harsh haughty
immature impatient jealous lazy pessimistic rebellious resentful
rigid rude selfish spiteful vain vengeful vulgar wicked
• Apathetic • Belligerent • Boorish • Bossy • Callous • Caustic • Complacent • Conceited • Conniving • Controlling • Curt • Cynical • Deceitful • Egocentric • Exacting • Fussy • Garrulous • Glum • Greedy • Grumpy • Harried • Hostile • Ignorant • Inconsiderate • Indecisive • Insensitive • Interfering • Killjoy • Languid • Lax • Loner • Mean • Miserly • Naive • Obstinate • Outspoken • Petulant • Possessive • Quixotic • Sarcastic • Scornful • Stingy • Superficial • Taciturn • Touchy • Uncouth •
These are just some of the traits, positive as well as negative, that human beings exhibit. An individual can learn to develop positive qualities over a period of time. However, traces of negative traits are commonly observed in human beings and cannot be ignored. What is important is that one should learn to strike a balance and constantly strive to instill positive qualities.
The Stress
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Let your imagination take you anywhere
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Today I choose to be calm
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Loving Parents
Two faced head. Talk and think concept.