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How to Make Everyday Life Exciting

How to Make Everyday Life Exciting

Life becomes monotonous after a certain point of time, and it is we who can change this scenario. Do away with the laid-back attitude, and fasten your seat belts to follow a few mantras that will make your life more exciting than ever. A few teeny-weeny changes here and there, and you can infuse some fun into your life.
Bindu swetha
"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." - Eleanor Roosevelt
Take this quiz to know if your life is really as exciting as you think:

1. You holiday:
  • Frequently (at least once in two months, if not more).
  • Never (I like staying put).
  • Sometimes (once in three months).

2. Your discussions with your friends:
  • Are limited to yourself.
  • Have a lot of variety. You discuss everything under the sun.
  • Are limited to the same things all round the year.

3. You eat out:
  • Regularly (at least once in a week).
  • Hardly ever (once in six months may be).
  • Seldom (once or twice in a month).

4. Do you read frequently?
  • Yes (more than two books in a month).
  • Seldom (a book in four months may be).
  • No (one or none a year).

5. What do you do if you're bored during the weekends?
  • Crib about the situation incessantly.
  • Try to engage yourself in household chores or indulge in your hobbies.
  • Bored? What bored? There's too much to do!

6. How possible is it that you would be impulsive enough to book a last-minute holiday?
  • You never holiday any other way.
  • You would certainly consider it.
  • Mad or what?!

7. A partner/friend would describe you as:
  • Confident.
  • Cautious.
  • Heedless.

8. Your friends have thrown you a surprise party. You:
  • Are delighted - but hardly surprised.
  • Nonchalantly bored - it has happened way too many times before.
  • Gobsmacked - it hasn't happened before.

9. You have opted for a career change or a change in your line of education:
  • Once or twice.
  • Never.
  • A lot of times.

10. Before a date, the primary thought that fills up your mind is:
  • I hope he isn't boring or doesn't find me to be so.
  • At least I'll make a friend, if nothing else.
  • Oh God, please let sparks fly!!!

Your result will be displayed here...
The day has just began, and it is time for you to try out something exciting. But is this one of those days when you had to drag yourself out of bed and rush to work? Life has become monotonous to say the least! You live only once, and you should enjoy your life to the fullest. We all plan out things for our future, like visiting a new place/country, indulging in heavenly pleasures, or simply spending time with our families in a quiet place. But what we forget is the uncertainty of life. No one can rest assured that they will live that long! So, what will we do with all this planning? Instead, live in the moment, and make small alterations to your life to make it fun. Cease the day my friend, and you will be happier, even if you are following the same mundane routine. The key is to do things a bit differently and enjoy doing it.
Try Something New
6 am - Waking up
7 am - Commuting to office
8 am - Start working
6 pm - Commuting back home
9 pm - Having dinner
11 pm - Off to bed

Sounds familiar, right? Well, this is the lifestyle that most working people follow. Each task that we carry out is prescheduled. So, where's the room for adding the fun element? We look forward to the weekend for doing some fun stuff, but the weekend comes and goes, and all we indulge in is our household chores! We need to take time out from our schedule to do some fun things, and try something new. I am not asking you to skip office, or neglect your work, but you can surely use the non-productive time, like traveling or the period between you returning home and having your dinner. Get yourself a book to read while traveling, or simply plug in your Mp3 player, which is loaded with your favorite music. Similarly, while carrying out daily household chores, like washing dishes, or cooking, turn on the music. Get some fragrance sticks and place them in important places in your house, or on your office desk. You are sure to feel energetic and motivated to carry out more tasks than you usually do.
Live for the Day
As I said earlier, we all spend our time planning activities that we want to indulge in, in the near future. Why not begin the activity today? Why wait for the weekend to visit your friend, join a hobby class, or to watch the latest flick? When you feel like kissing your partner, you kiss him/her instantly instead of waiting for tomorrow. The same goes for the other things in life. We are a part of the rat race where all we want is to secure our future with all tangible assets. But why forget that there are other things that will surely make us happy. Get the DVD of your favorite movie and watch it without anyone disturbing you. If your partner also likes the same movie, you have hit the jackpot! Cuddle up while watching the movie, and experience the excitement. If you liked a TV show that has gone off air lately, catch the video online. Go for a stroll after dinner just to enjoy the evening breeze, and you will be amazed with the number of positive thoughts that come to your mind. If you take a stroll with your partner, then you will surprised by the amount of discussions you can have on various topics. This will surely make for a good bonding time, and you will look forward to this time daily! Did you quit playing your favorite sport after passing out from college? The best way to get back the lost excitement would be to simply start playing the sport again. Try getting in touch with your teammates (of yesteryear) and play the sport with them. This will be more exciting than you think it will be.
Spice Up Your Sex Life
We have always read and heard about making out in interesting ways. Having sex surely lifts one's spirits, and you feel refreshed after the act. If you are following a particular pattern where cuddling leads to sex, in the same place and in the same fashion, it can become boring! Talk to your partner about spicing it up. If you remain silent during the act, talk dirty. You can try making out at different places in your house. Breaking the patterned way of having sex will have your brain cells working, which will make you think of different ways to shake up your sex life. If you are the ones who leave this part for the weekend, then you are surely missing out on the fun! Indulge more in intimacy, and feel the difference. You can play soothing music, or light up candles to add to the mood. Also, try making out in the morning, right before you leave for work. The feeling will linger throughout the day. Think of various places where you can get intimate with each other.
Enjoy Music in all Forms
Music definitely assists in relaxing. But doing the same thing over and over again may annoy you. This one's from my personal experience. Try listening to different genres of music, the ones you have never heard! If you are a rock music fan, try listening to classical music. At the start, you might feel bored, but I can bet that it will surely get you interested. Try listing out songs that were chartbusters, but you were never interested in listening to. Also, if possible, watch its video once, so that you will be able to visualize the scenes while listening to the songs. Such a small alteration can actually jazz up your life. If you find enough time, go for a music concert of a band whom you have never heard before. And if you are a group of friends who are really into music, how about coming up with your own song? You could plan such sessions in the future too.
Join a musical band
Join a musical band, or form one yourself.
Go Crazy
This tip comes with a statutory warning that we are not responsible for the consequences of your crazy actions. Doing something really out of the blue can bring back that lost fun element in your life. Try this one out. ... Pack your lunch in a disposable container, move out of the office during lunch, and go to the nearby mall for shopping. Have your meal while commuting back. But, do get back to work on time! This crazy attempt that you just made can make you feel excited and will be a welcome change. After a tiring day, go home and dance to the tunes of your favorite song. It doesn't matter whether you are a good dancer or not; just enjoy the music and let your hair down. Go for a dip in the nearby pool, or in your bathtub with/without your partner (I leave the choice to you!).
Dance to your favorite music
Dance to your favorite music daily.
Be Kind
I remember a story that was a part of my syllabus while I was in school.

"A taxi driver always used to smile at his passengers while interacting with them. He would be cheerful even if the passengers would be impolite in response. Once, a passenger inquired about his constant happiness to which he replied, "If I frown at my passenger, he will remain in a bad mood for the entire day. He will react or interact in the same frame of mind, which can spoil someone else's mood as well. The cycle will thus continue. Instead, if I be cheerful and happy, my passenger will carry the same positive mood throughout the day, thus spreading happiness."

Wow! What a thought from a taxi driver with whom most of us always frown at! Who wouldn't be left happy after meeting such people? Try being the one who can spread happiness. Help a small kid to cross the road, or feed the neighborhood dog you see daily. Start early for work, and on the way, drop by your old friend's place to say "hello." Send some flowers to your parent's place. Even better, go visit them with flowers.

When you pass by any park, you see many elderly people taking a stroll in the park alone. Go ahead and accompany them. You can make this your daily regime. You will be amazed to listen to the experiences of these elderly people, and may learn a thing or two from them. You will always have your daily dose of fitness by taking a walk with them. You are surely at an advantage here!
elderly person for a walk
Accompany an elderly person for a walk.
Get Yourself a Makeover
Have you been donning the same look ever since you were in college? Come on, give yourself a break. Go in for a new hairdo, which may be a completely new look that you have never tried. You can also visit the parlor, and indulge in self-relaxation activities. You will feel rejuvenated and really fresh. If your wardrobe hasn't changed and you are still wearing those old-fashioned denims, you definitely need fashion lessons. Get a friend to help you in your shopping. Changing your look completely can be asking for too much, but if you are ready for the change, then go for it! You will leave everyone speechless with your feat for sure.
new hairstyle
Go in for a new hairstyle.
Ditch that Job
The "big leap" is to be taken sometime in the future. So why not now? Being in the same job for a long period of time can be monotonous and boring. You may feel that your life has come to a standstill while working in the same organization. Changing your job is a big switch, and you need to rest assured that you will be able to cope with the new firm. A job in a new city will be a good option to begin with. What better than a new place, new firm, new people to work with, and renewed motivation. Sometimes, a big leap is needed to change the way you lead your life.
join a new one
Leave your current organization, and join a new one.
You Can Make Your Life More Exciting in These Ways ...
  • Plan an adventurous trip to an unvisited location. However, gather information about the place well in advance, so you don't go wrong in your expedition.
  • Get up early in the morning, and watch the sunrise; or simply stand in the balcony watching the sun and having your morning cuppa coffee or tea! I am sure you will feel refreshed for the day.
  • Researchers claim that we laugh less as we age. So, catch the latest comedy flick, or be in the company of people who can make you laugh. Trust me, doing so does help.
  • Liked someone's dress or hairdo? Compliment that person. Seeing that person's happy expressions will surely make your day.
  • There's nothing better than spending time with kids. If you have kids, come home early, spend some time playing with them, or tell them stories at night. Do it for a day or two, and you will look forward to this time every day.
  • Leave for work by giving your partner a hug or kiss. Do the same after returning from work. Showing your partner that you love him/her in small ways can work wonders for you.
  • Old friends are the best pals to talk to, even if you haven't been in touch with them for a while. You can enjoy the conversation with them at any given time of the day. Mail them, or give them a call, and revisit your old memories.
  • If you live away from your family, talking to them regularly will cheer them up for sure. Make it a point to talk to one of your family members every day during weekdays. You will look forward to this "family talking time" every single day. Also, send them gifts for no particular reason.
  • Cooking is a great stress buster, and it becomes all the more interesting if you have someone to appreciate it. If you love cooking, plan things that you will cook every day (in advance). Put up notes in your kitchen and prepare those recipes. Every week, include one recipe that you haven't cooked before. I have tried it personally, and it helps a lot.
  • If you haven't touched your bike since you bought your car, may be it is time to go back to your old friend. Take a ride on your bike, and enjoy the feeling.
Straight from the Horse's Mouth
I carried out a survey to see what people do to make their life more exciting. Here are a few of them.

I wake up every day with a smile, and think of new ways to spread the cheer around. - Alex

I practice gardening after returning from work. - Sonia

My father goes for a walk every day, and he takes some food along with him to feed the stray dogs. - Amita

I eat a chocolate every day, after every meal that keeps me going for the day. - Sujata

If I come across a movie that I find interesting, I watch it after returning from work. - Clifford

I go home, update my blog, and interact with my readers. - Madhushree
Whichever mantra you choose to follow, all you need to do is to "think differently." Try to incorporate these small changes in your life, and see the difference. Come on guys, buck up. This is the time to bring back the lost excitement in your life. If not now, then when?