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Why You Should Spend Some Time Alone

Why You Should Spend Some Time Alone
We fear loneliness the most in life. We surround ourselves with people all the time, some of them matter, while others are just distractions. Why are we afraid to be on our own? Because spending time alone can be equally liberating and haunting, but it helps in a number of ways. This MissionSelf post will tell you how and why.
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Last Updated: May 3, 2018
"I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person."
Oscar Wilde
Remember the last time you spent some time alone, with yourself, just yourself? And it does not include the time when you were texting or checking out someone's pictures on any social networking site. It's hard, isn't it? Just being alone, not lonely but alone.
Our society has become extremely pro-social, and we are constantly with people; sometimes physically, sometimes virtually. Man is a social animal, and of course we cannot live alone, but sometimes you just need a break from everything. And, that is definitely not a bad thing. Loneliness is bad, but wanting to spend some lone time once in a while is not.
Sometimes I feel, we are scared of being alone. Why? Maybe we don't want to face our inner demons, or simply because we cannot pretend things are okay. Convincing others is very easy, but you cannot convince yourself. Probably, that is the most important reason why you should spend some time alone, to discover yourself, in numerous ways.
Why You Should Spend Some Time Alone
It Helps You Rediscover Yourself
Being alone can be very liberating. It's like shedding all the layers that we put in front of people and confronting the real you. Travel alone, you will cherish the experience forever. It will help you get a new perspective on life, and memories that will last lifelong. You may be able to understand what you really want from life in those moments of solitude.
Helps You Understand Your Relationships Better
How can you love someone, if you cannot love yourself? We become so used to the support and love of our closed ones, that they tend to become our weakness. Our relationships start to define us. The person that instantly comes to your mind, the one you miss the most, will be the one who matters. It will help you figure out what you really want from your relationships.
Helps Introspect and Plan
When you are alone, you can introspect, understand what you really want in life, be true to your feelings, and take uninfluenced decisions. Even 15 precious minutes with a steaming cup of coffee in the morning are enough to relax, think, and plan your day. Just a healthy conversation with self is enough to bring a little control in life.
Brings Out The Crazy You
When you are alone you can do what you want to do without the fear of being judged. Afraid of dancing in front of people? Dance like a maniac in front of your mirror. Believe me, you won't find a better audience. The pleasure of singing in the bathroom is unparalleled. Why? Because you are alone, nobody cares how bad, and off tune you sing. Basically get totally crazy, and do all the things you can never do in public. It will help you lighten up, and lose some inhibitions. You may realize that you are not that bad a singer after all!
Clears Your Head
Is your mind caught up in a particularly unsolvable problem? It's good to ask people for advice, but finally it's gonna be your decision. Take some time off, go for a long walk, or a run, and you will find the answer you have been looking for. A witty and intellectual conversation with yourself is very satisfying. It will also make you independent. Nobody to tell you what to do, awesome isn't it? Basically, being alone helps you clear your head, and deal with all that is hidden in the deepest recesses of your mind and heart.
Recharges You
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Being alone gives you time to recharge your physical and mental batteries. It helps you get rid of all the negative energy you compile on a daily basis. Do you really care what someone had for dinner, or who hooked up with whom? Just being away from everybody for some time will help you delete all the clutter outta your life. Do nothing, don't think, or analyze your life. Just be with yourself. Enjoy your own company.
Helps You Understand What Really Matters
You realize what is important in life. We are constantly running, take some time to stop. Being alone will help you enjoy the little things that you never realized mattered. Sitting by your window and watching the rain, absolute bliss! And please don't go about clicking pictures for Instagram. Just enjoy the moment. Take a stroll down the park, spend some time with nature, or go for a long ride; it helps.
Makes You Tolerant and Patient
You will become much tolerant and patient. Once you start becoming comfortable with yourself, you will be more accepting of people. You may start ignoring little things that used to immediately irk you before. Being on your own will help you come to terms with yourself. Of course, this will be a gradual process, and it's not gonna happen after spending a day lazing on the sofa alone.
On a concluding note, just a small reminder - Happiness starts with YOU, not with your relationships, your job, or your money, only with You.
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