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Why We Should Stop Reading Self-Help Books

Priya Johnson Apr 26, 2019
Self-help books are meant to inspire, motivate, and help solve various life issues. However, do we allow self-help books to guide us or act as our crutches for life?

Are Self-Help Books Bad?

Self-help books are not bad in themselves. It’s when people get obsessed with them and think that they cannot get through life without a self-help guide assisting them, they become bad. Books that proclaim to provide solutions to one’s problems are the ones we need to be wary of.

Self-Help Addicts/Junkies

If you thought addiction was only limited to bad stuff, think again. A self-help 'addict' or 'junkie' is the term used for people addicted to seeking advice from self-help books such that they stop thinking for themselves.

Are Self-Help Books Worth It?

Data is simply endless content, unless we process it in our brains and convert it into useful information for us. Information is useless, if we don’t apply it to our benefit.

It’s not what we know that matters, it’s ‘if' and 'how’ we use what we know, that truly matters. Such books don’t help people who love to procrastinate.

Life’s Problems Are Unique

Wish we all lived in a life filled with constants, like that in a chemistry lab. Fortunately or unfortunately, our lives are unique and no two lives are the same.

We may go through many common problems, but, the multiple factors affecting us are always different, making the solutions we need also extremely unique.

Seek Professional Help

If you’ve lost a loved one and are grieving, reading a self-help book will temporarily comfort you, but may not give you the outlet you need.

Pouring your heart out to a professional counselor, who can feel the depth of your grief will help you navigate through this phase of bereavement better. Their personal care and guidance will prove paramount.

Choose Wisely

Don’t just go about purchasing any and every self-help book you set your eyes upon. Not all books are worth your time and energy.

Take self-help advice from accomplished people, whose lives have so much to learn from. Their personal stories and experiences can truly inspire us.

Specific Problems and Solutions

Self-help materials help motivate us in general and form a good guideline for life. However, they are not ideal for specific problems in life.

Since our problems are unique, our solutions have to be personalized. There is not much you can get from a book for the current crisis you are facing.

Throw Out Self-Help Books?

No! Self-help books written by wise and experienced people are definitely worth reading, but it’s our attitude with which we read that’s to be checked.

Reading a couple of self-help books is definitely beneficial. However, putting into practice what you read is much more important.
There is a line we all have to draw. Seeking information and help is definitely essential, but only to a certain point.

Once you have the information, you need to proactively work on bringing about the necessary changes in your life. Endlessly looking for help is not going to solve your problems.