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15 Very Unproductive Habits You Should Let Go of Immediately

15 Unproductive Habits You Should Let Go Of
Not only do unproductive habits lead to laziness and delayed (sometimes not up-to the mark) outcomes, but in the long run, they also hamper your success in every field. Being engaged with social media sites like Facebook, Instagram for a while will definitely keep you updated with the current happenings in your social environment, but excessive use also leads to lack of productivity and decreased efficiency in your daily work.
Smruti Hingnikar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
They say, old habits die hard! If you have any one of these; better get rid of them before they start affecting you too much or before they occupy a permanent space in your life and result in unwanted outcomes or situations.
Leaving tasks unfinished
This a fairly common trait that most of us have. They say the only difference between a dreamer and achiever is a will to work even when you are unwilling to do it. Trust me, there are times when you get bored doing the same stuff and want to quit or give up. But that's the time when you are closest to your goal. Push yourself a bit more. Your goal is just around the corner.
Retreating to your comfort zone
Snails and tortoise retreat into their shells at the slightest hint of any threat or danger. But, wake up. We are not snails! If you always tend to stick to your comfort zone, then you haven't contributed anything productive. As they say, "Ships at the harbor are safe. But that's not what they are meant for."
Complaining about everything
A few people have taken this habit to the next level. Oh! The fan is too slow. Oh! It's too cold today. I don't like the taste. No! The color is dull. They will have a problem with almost everything. If not, then probably they will create one and complain about it.
Water cooler gossip
The most convenient habit. In schools, colleges (bunking is another one here!) and in offices, a common scene is played out when people gather around the water cooler and have long chats about basically nothing important (mostly). Believe me. These water cooler conferences are taking you nowhere.
Getting caught up in drama
Well, I would not call it a 'habit' habit but then, yes. Some people are like drama magnets. You might not be related to it anywhere, but somehow you are either drawn towards it or pulled by the people automatically. Avoid that! You might land up in an unwanted mess someday.
Putting others first
Some people are very generous. Their vocabulary doesn't contain the word "NO", and not in a good way. They are ever ready to do your work, help you, even if it is painful or next to impossible for them. They might go out of their way, but they just can't say no to anyone. Can you lend me some money? Yes. Can you do my work? Yes. Can you cook for me? Yes. Come on!! Stop it if you are one of them. Learn to say NO. After all, you cannot please everyone, and it's really okay.
Some of you might have biased views about this one. But, I would say that attempt to multitask only if you can manage. If not, then avoid doing it as it is no good to sail in two ships at once.
Seriously dude! You need to take a break. You have a life too. Do not over-commit. We do not question your ability to commit to your work, but please, over-committing is boring.
Avoiding decision-making
If you want to be successful, you have to take decisions. People become followers just because they have someone else to decide for them. Taking a back seat at the time of deciding is a poor practice. You will not get anywhere doing this. Taking decisions can be difficult, but it's the tide which makes a skillful sailor!
Overthinking or over-analyzing
You will never be able to come to a conclusion if you think about something for a long time. Believe in your instinct and take a leap of faith. It's that easy.
Not prioritizing your goals
In the long run, you need to prioritize your goals. Make time for everything, but put important things first. Imagine, if you do not prioritize the things and you get a kid first and a spouse later! (If you know what I mean ;) ) What we are saying is, make a plan and be organized.
Being a part of everything
You CANNOT do everything! Period. Hence, don't try to be a part of everything around you. It might not be your cup of tea. It's always better to be a master of one than a jack of all trades!
Unwillingness to learn
An acceptance of the fact that you do not know everything, and a willingness to learn is the key to success. If you feel you have achieved everything and you know all about it, then it signals the end of your success story. Strive for betterment. Be curious to know and learn.
Do not keep things pending for tomorrow if you can do them today. Procrastination makes you lazy. It is always better to have some time left than not having it at all.
Collecting garbage/useless stuff
One of my favorites. Some people keep latching on to all useless and unwanted stuff. Empty refills, pen caps, chocolate wrappers, broken mug, old T-shirt, worn out pair of shoes. Trust me! You will never use them. Throw them out and make space for a new one. I would say, even if you have some painful memories of a heartbreak attached, let them go. The sooner you let go, the sooner you will be able to move on and make space for new colors in life!
Did I miss out on anything? Let me know if there are any more habits that can be added to this list!