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Trusting Your Intuitions When Making Important Life Decisions

Azad Chaiwala Aug 20, 2019
How great would it be to know the consequences of your actions before you make them? On the one hand, you'll always be able to stop yourself from making drastic mistakes, but on the other hand, this would eliminate a lot of the mystery and spontaneity of life.
There is a medium that we can all tap into though; intuition lives inside everyone and we all have the ability to strengthen this attribute if we really want to.
Having a clear-cut view of this might not be the best angle of approach. There are those who believe that our circumstances are the creation of our actions, essentially saying that our lives are a result of our choices.
Then, those who believe that control is entirely an illusion and we are simply witnessing events play out from a first-person perspective.
However, another perception is that these two actually operate together; we make our own choice spontaneously, but these decisions unfold in line with our genetic predisposition and our predefined association with certain aspects of life – a result that stems from our culture and upbringing.
Finding a balance between a logically calculated choice and instinctive reaction is the sweet spot that we need to aim for. This way we can comfortably follow our intuitions to the best of our ability without being accused of carelessly stumbling through life. This is a very evident factor especially when it comes to relationships.
Trying to direct an outcome for a relationship never works as planned. This is because some personalities go together and others don't.
Going with what feels right is often the best way to approach any relationship. These natural instincts will teach you necessary lessons and lead you to the stage in your life that you're meant to be in.
A difficult part of practicing how to utilize your intuition is identifying between a genuine moment of intuitive influence and a reactive feeling based on general emotions. Emotion is powerful and it can distort basically every other sense we have.
But if you can trace a pending reaction before you allow it to manifest, you should be able to find where it comes from. You might think it's intuition telling you to avoid a situation that doesn't feel right when really it's just a fear response to a circumstance you have a negative association with.
Emotional responses and intuition have distinctly different feelings attached to them, and once you've practiced enough, you should be able to tell which one is which.
Intuition comes from a universal sense of the moment; it is a built-in capacity to pick up on seemingly invisible information. The emotional reaction comes from something internal; it can be traced back to a place of origin typically generated from past experience.
Learning the difference can significantly improve the way you handle your life and your relationships. You begin to develop a sense of trust in yourself as you surrender to the natural flow of things. This harmonious energy ripples into everything you do.
Its effects are immediately apparent by not only yourself but those around you as well. People respond more positively to genuine intentions than they do to constructed agendas. Test your intuitions and see if you can find someone who feels right to you by signing up at GoMarry.com.