Things to Make You Happy

Happiness is right around the corner. It is a state of mind made by a choice. All you need to do is open the door and let it in. Open your heart and mind to accept possibilities and do the things midst of a bunkum, called life.
We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same. ~ Anne Frank
If you look back at moments when you've been the happiest, you will realize those 10 things that made you happy were the simple things in your life. So, being happy is state of mind, which demands you to live in the moment. More importantly, it is a choice that one makes and sticks through it in the toughest of times. Every goal in life is directed towards one's happiness and satisfaction. So if everything is directed towards being happy, why do we suffer from bouts of sadness? Glut if priorities, too many demands from oneself, and vile comparisons to ideas of success are some of the reasons why we go through moments of depression. At the same time, being happy forever isn't possible. Striking an even balance is what matters in the long run.
Things to Make You smile
Develop a Hobby
A very close friend of mine is an ace photographer. He knew since, what seems like forever, that he wanted to be a fashion photographer. Today, almost 10 years later, he is one of the most popular photographers in the fashion industry. There is no joy like, pursuing your hobby as a career option. I mean, what can better than getting paid for enjoying something? Surely, acting on what you like is one of those things to make you smile. It's like having your cake and eating it too. For those who say never mix your hobby and profession, they say so because, they can't be good at either. Put your heart into doing something you love and you will find yourself enjoying every minute if it.
Inconsequential Comparisons
It's true that little things make you happy, but comparisons are definitely not one of them. No two individuals in this world are the same. This is what makes each one of us unique. Comparisons are only going to make things tougher for you. Comparing yourself may bring out your negative aspects or make you bask in your own glory. The latter is also a temporary phase too. Instead, focus on personal achievements and self-enhancement.
Prioritize Your Needs
Buddha said, if one learns to let go desires, happiness becomes attainable. Viewing the same in a realistic sense, one needs to know the importance of prioritizing happiness. Not that every need is as important as the other. Hence prioritizing you needs can help you seek your goals and bring happiness in more practical way. Moreover, a well laid plan is always easy to walk on than a shaky one. In retrospect, the priorities that you cancel out would be funny things to make you laugh. So, do not be too hard on yourself if you cannot get certain things in life at this point of time.
Making Memories
In the race to achieve our goals, most of us forget families, children, relatives, and friends. Re-evaluate your schedule and try to spend some quality time with your family. Try to have at least one meal together. Make and capture precious moments that are poignant reminders happiness. Find out what makes you so happy and do those activities. Spending time with your family will also strengthen your bond and make your relationships happy and healthy.
Consider these things to make you happy in your journey of life. Lastly, just follow your heart and happiness will find its way to you. Wish you a happy life filled with love, laughter and luck!