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Things To Consider When You Feel Drained

T K Feb 21, 2019
When everything around you seems to deplete you of energy, it's time to do an assessment of your environment, your mind, and your body. If you suffer from a mood disorder, you may become manic or depressed as a result of any precipitating factor. Take special care of yourself from the moment you realize you are becoming stressed or ill.

Hormones Can Wreak Havoc on Physical and Mental Health

Do you have cramps, have a headache or feel nauseous? If you feel those symptoms, and you feel tired and moody, watch out for PMS. It can make a logical person act irrationally. Women feel extra sensitive and fat during their cycle.

Being Surrounded By Negative People Can Affect Our Energy

Working around negative people - as opposed to being surrounded by those who encourage and support our endeavors - contributes to the strain on our energy levels. Many of us must contend with behaviors beyond our control. Office gossip, social exclusion, bullying, disrespectful or passive-aggressive behavior, are all things that take a toll on our health.

The Stigma of Mental Illness Prevents Transparency

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, you may experience a stigma associated with mental illness. This stigma can make you feel embarrassed and prevent you from disclosing such vital information to colleagues. When you feel you are unable to tell share this part of your life with others, you may feel isolated.

Sharing May Be Too Much to Handle

On the other hand, you may share informaiton about your mental health with others, only to regret the decision later. You may feel that others are judging you based on your mental health issues.

Diet and Nutrition May Be the Culprits

While diet and nutrition are important to everybody, individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, or mood disorders must be vigilant about what goes into the body. Too much caffeine, for instance, can cause dizziness, nervousness, and in rare instances, induce manic episodes in those individuals suffering from bipolar or panic disorder.