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Absolutely Stupid Arguments You Use When You Know You are Wrong

Stupid Arguments You Use When You Know You Are Wrong
"Yeah right! I'm totally screwed, and I need something worthwhile to cover it up." Does this happen with you? This MissionSelf post has compiled senseless arguments that we use just to prove ourselves right, knowing that we're absolutely wrong.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
That moment when you realize you're making wrong arguments but still fight your way to win for pride-sake.
No matter how sorted you are, or how nice a person you are, there are times when you are wrong (which you realize pretty late), and you take the wrong path, just so you don't appear stupid. And you start blabbering all nonsense talk.

Well, talking about arguments, you'll learn more about grammar in an argument than your English class. Everybody is amazing at winning arguments in their mind. Sometimes, outside the mind, in the real world too. This time, it ain't about just winning. It is about how do you make a comeback when you realize you were wrong. All. This. While.
Get a life!
This one is very much expected from someone who's got his bum pricked. Let's face it, no matter how good of a gamer you are, or how fast of a texter you are, if the person next to you has got 15 kills more than you in the same stipulated time, the dude needs to get a life!
What do you do all day long?
This is a classic from parents. Okay, you're aware of the fact that they won't let you float out if you aren't done with your homework. So you go all prepared, and no they have no legit reason to stop you from going for a friends' night out. Bang! They would start reminding you how you spend the entire day snapchatting with your friends and finding random dates on Tinder.
Don't waste my time.
Groucho Marx once said, "Next time I see you, remind me not to talk to you." When you know anything you utter next will prove you wrong, throw this statement right on their face. It's short and kinda sweet, and serves the purpose. There's no misunderstanding it.
You're so illogical. I can never win an argument with you.
And then you realize, it's you being absurd right from the start, which will make you lose it. It's time to blame it on them!
Take a deep breath. This is going to get intense.
'Cause you need time to think for a comeback. What better than this can you think of?
You need to get your priorities straight!
Consider the above homework-night out instance. What if you approach dad for permission right when he was engrossed in a smutty movie. Wrong timing! The dad wants it to be simple; he politely wants his daughter/son to get lost so that he can dismiss the argument and continue with his steamy stuff. This is where, he would start making you count your priorities and getting them straight. Remember the math test where you scored a C? And you thought, you could go to a sleepover!
Do whatever you want. I don't care.
This one is pretty popular among couples. You've probably realized that your girlfriend wasn't at fault, and you were just being insecure about things. But how do you confess this? You don't. You don't wanna get into another argument, do you? Try stopping it right away.
You need to calm down. Relax.
Well, telling someone to chill during an argument can be ummm ... subjective. But in the heat of the moment, when your mind is flooded with clouds, this can work. In fact, when you see them bursting on you, this is the only thing you've left to say.
And if nothing else works, switch the language! They say, we tend to think in our mother-tongue. Make the most of it. Throw a slew of crazy arguments in a language not known to your opponent. Another thing, you cannot deny the fact, that after the argument, you think of awesome things you could have said. Hold on to them. There's always a next time, buddy!