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10 Obvious Signs That Show You're Actually a Procrastinator

10 Signs That Show You're Actually a Procrastinator
Procrastination is another barrier in achieving what we want and fulfilling our dreams. We are all set with the plan, but the only problem is implementing them. A five minute chat with your colleagues is perfectly acceptable, but what if others things are distracting you from your work? This MissionSelf article enlists few signs of procrastination that most of the people can relate to.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
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Did You Know?
According to Joseph Ferrari, Professor of Psychology at DePaul University, almost twenty percent of people are chronic procrastinators.
"Everyday spent procrastinating is another day spent worrying about that thing. Do it now, and move on with your life!" We all procrastinate, it is one of the things that we excel at. Postponing any assignment or work, or maybe visiting your dentist for monthly check-ups are just some tasks that we procrastinate. What people fail to understand is that some or the other day they need to finish that task, so why not now? Why let minutes turn into hours, or maybe days?

Sometimes, we all are distracted by things that make it hard to concentrate on important tasks, but there are a few people who deliberately procrastinate. The common perception that procrastinators have is they don't mind if the task gets delayed, what matters is that it gets completed. Some feel that they work best under pressure, although, at first, it does not seem to be harmful but it can become worse over time, thereby affecting your personal as well as professional life.

No matter how much time we have to do any task, we always have time to put it off. So if you think you are not a procrastinator yet continue to ignore the work that you are supposed to finish today, drag your eyes through these signs which proves to you that you are a procrastinator.
It's Not Me, It's the Clock
We all use this phrase when it comes to studying or starting any project. You gather all your books, stationery, and other important items, and decide to start studying seriously at 9.00 am. But if you miss even a single minute, the whole plan of studying gets delayed. It's 9.01 am and you decide to start studying at 10 am, why? Because you wasted one minute of your life so you might as well waste another sixty.
Excellent at Giving Advice
People consult you for their problems because you are an expert in lending a listening ear. If your co-worker complains about not finishing his work on time, you suggest them to stop wasting time and concentrate on their work. But you fail at applying these rules to your own work.
Get Distracted Easily
You should be preparing for that important presentation, organizing your cupboard, or solving math problems. But there are so many other things in your life you would rather be doing like stalking your ex on Facebook, gossiping with your friends, or endlessly browsing Instagram.
Checking Your Phone
You have your phone right by your side whilst working or studying, yet your fingers are itching to check if somebody called or left you a text. Checking your phone once every hour or two is absolutely fine, but checking your phone literary every five minutes is not healthy. You are wasting your time and delaying the task even more.
Want Hygienic Conditions
The thought of working on a new project or completing your homework reminds you of the fact that all this while your desk was messy. So, you start off to clean your desk and you end up cleaning your entire house, which means you will be exhausted to study or finish your work.
Last Episode Syndrome
We all love sitcoms, especially if any of our favorite celebrity stars in one of them. Once we start watching an episode, it becomes difficult to stop. You don't mind staying awake till three or four in the morning to finish watching the entire series, but the thought of working on your research paper reminds you of sleep. This is commonly called the last episode syndrome, which, in reality, never ends and we continue watching the whole series.
Submission Delay
Some of us have the awesome ability to work gracefully under pressure. Therefore, working on any pending assignment the night before is so uncool. In fact, you decide to start it an hour before the actual submission.
Waking Up Late
You are supposed to get up early to study for your exams, but instead end up hitting the snooze button more than ten times. Waking up late also means you are used to answering 'why are you late' queries or are good at coming up with excuses.
Making Endless Trips to the Washroom
To avoid that particular work, you will end up sitting in the washroom more than at your desk. The same situation plays out at home too, just that the washroom is replaced by your fridge. You checked your fridge the first time, there is nothing inside but a day-old lettuce, you again check it five times expecting a miracle, but would rather not spend that time doing your urgent and impending task.
Because Snacking is Important
Before studying you want to curb your hunger, and the idea of a DIY snack had to come today. You are inspired to make your own snack and eat it peacefully and slowly. It has to be homemade and a seven-course meal too.
Take a Nap
Before working on anything important, you prefer taking a long, nice two-hour nap, under the premise that it promotes concentration. Concentration means you will be able to work better and pay more attention to the given task. But a two-hour nap suddenly extends to four hours and further, until you don't have the patience to actually do that work.
Procrastination has severe long-term health issues such as gastrointestinal problems, weak immune system, and procrastinators are known to catch cold and flu easily. I am sure most of us can relate to these symptoms of procrastination, early treatment of this will ensure your productivity at work will improve and so will your overall health.