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The Theory of Self-motivation and its Contribution to Your Work

Scholasticus K Nov 26, 2018
We all need self motivation in our difficult times. With an all time low in achieving your targets, try these simple things regarding work life. Try these tips, you require so badly, to move ahead.
The concept of self motivation is simple - push yourself to perform. The first step towards self motivation is simple, accept the fact that there are a number of ups and downs in life.
We travel through many journeys in life, as a child, parent, colleague, employee, superior, etc., and be assured, there are going to be ups and downs. These journeys are like riding waves on the sea, you go up and you have to come down at some or the other point, and this is exactly where you need self motivation.
You will find several theoretical examples of self motivation just by looking at people who are happy, they may be rare, but they are happy. Now, the reason they are happy is that they accept the drawbacks in life, and are ready to face and resolve them.
We are not about to feed you with some theory or anti depression literature, but here are some really good practical self motivation tips that work.
Here are some practical ideas that you can implement to motivate yourself, not only at work, but in any sphere of life.


Here's what you can do; when you wake up in the morning, make a list of things that you need to do throughout the day.
Also include timings within which you will have to complete the things-to-do. Secondly, have a plan 'B' ready because you are going to need it. The Plan 'B' should be a bit shorter than the first one.

Learning from Mistakes

In the past, you may have committed some mistakes regarding decisions and planning of time. If you are facing any such situation, make it a point to list down your interpretation of that mistake, in a manner that starts with the statement 'I should have ... instead of ...'. This greatly helps you to weigh your current options and take the right decision.
The great advantage is that you shall have a good overview of what can possibly go wrong here. This exercise will also bring in a great deal of self-control and will prevent you from succumbing to temptation and carelessness.

Timely SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is a kind of analysis where one can analyze 4 integral parts of performance, namely, strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis done at the beginning of the day, during the planning phase serves to be quite effective, because you can forecast the coming day's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Writing down the probable SWOT's would also motivate you mentally and make you cautious of the probable negative events of the day. The SWOT is a very popular method among most of the self motivation techniques.

Avoid Procrastination

Self motivation in business is needed because we have often avoided a particular task. Putting off execution or rather procrastinating it is harmful.
There are two reasons for procrastination; First the job is difficult and you have a fear of going wrong, or second the job is tedious and long, involving several hours. Thus in such situations the best self motivation is not procrastinating and fearlessly tackling the task at hand immediately.
Believe it or not, such an approach will definitely lead you to a path of success. In the modern world procrastination tends to be the biggest hurdle for self motivation at work.

Mossad Temperament

Fearlessness is the Mossad temperament. There are several self motivation tips that tell you to overcome fear.
Often in the work place you might be hesitant to do a task due the level of difficulty, as well as the mammoth amount of work.
The best way to overcome this fear is to write a note in front of you that 'says what can harm me? When I am right'. You may also prepare some other quotes or slogan notes to help develop a 'nothing to loose' temperament, which in fact is the most apt self motivation stance.
You can also read some self motivation books, in order to enhance a positive thinking which will prevent you from falling into a state of depression. Finally, as the term itself suggests 'self motivation' is a process of finding motivation within yourself. Sit back and think, about your dreams and aspirations, as it is the biggest for of self motivation.