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Self Management Skills Everyone Should Master

Rahul Pandita Nov 28, 2018
The ability to manage your own self is very important for the development of an individual. It helps one to become more responsible in life.
Self management skills are vital for the development of an individual. Often, people blame others or the situation for their failures. But a bit of retrospection shows that the challenges faced in everyday life can very well be a result of poor planning - something which stems from the lack of self management.
These skills may be inherited by the select few, most of us are acquainted with these by our parents, teachers or employers. These skills cannot be developed overnight. It takes a sustained effort to manage ourselves in a better way. Self management does not mean to reach the zenith of perfection, but to bring some amount of discipline in our lives.

Self Management Qualities

  • Self management helps an individual in becoming a better employee. It inculcates qualities such as punctuality, discipline and subservience.
  • It encourages one to develop new skills over a period of time. In today's scenario, it is important to be multifaceted, so that there are myriad opportunities of growth for an individual.
  • It helps develop interpersonal skills. It has often been seen that most of the issues arise due to miscommunication. It helps an individual to keep negative emotions at bay and develop good relationships with people.
  • It advocates the prophecy of being responsible for one's actions. It makes an individual feel a part of the whole activity.
For example, in a household with young kids, it is often the parents who have to take care of the issues concerning their children. However, with a bit of self management, kids can reduce some of the responsibility of their parents. This also helps them to know themselves in a better way apart from helping in character building.
Self management skills should ideally start in the school to make students responsible for themselves. These skills help us deal with day-to-day challeneges in a better way. Today, one challenge that most of us face is stress. It is effective in developing a strategy to dispel negative emotions. This can help one to look at the positive side of the things.
There are times when the going gets tough and our emotions get the better of us, so it is important to learn to be able to regain the composure. It instills a sense of confidence in an individual which helps problem solving.
Pressurising situations require someone who is cool-headed, as decisions in haste can prove to be fatal for an individual or an entity. It also helps in ensuring that even the most difficult problems are dealt within a systematic manner.
There are some helpful techniques if you want to learn about self management. The first step is to have an efficient time management strategy in place. Use a diary or an organizer to plan your day. It is important to prioritize your tasks and review your day in the evening. It gives an insight into what went right and where you need to focus a bit more.
Having an effective time management strategy also means that you are able to accommodate a host of activities like physical exercise, learning new things, etc. in your daily schedule. It is also important to fulfill your commitments as mere planning would not work unless you put theory into practice.
It is always advisable to break large tasks into smaller ones, as it becomes easy to manage them. It involves a lot of introspection, and it is important that you have a clarity on which things are important in your life. Sometimes people get so busy in professional lives that they fail to devote adequate time for the friends and family members.
It is important to plan in such a way that you do not lose out on some quality time in your life. Planning also helps you to know the short-term and the long-term goals, which is very essential in your overall development.
This was some information on the importance of self management in our lives. If you feel that you are not able to manage your time in an efficient manner, you can take the help of a life coach to guide you through. These skills can go a long way in ensuring that you realize your full potential and put it to effective use.