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Why You Can't Have Just One Role Model

Chesley Maldonado Nov 4, 2018
No single human being can be a shining example for every aspect of life (career, relationships, personality, spirituality). If you truly want to be a great person, draw from the top qualities in several other people and skip the role model idea.
Has there ever been someone in your life, or perhaps a celebrity, whom you have always admired and wanted to be like them? Children and teenagers especially gravitate towards specific individuals and mimic the style, attitude, and lifestyle choices of their so-called role models. There just happens to be a flaw behind the idea of having a single role model.
You can learn from anyone other than yourself. Of course, you can learn some things on your own through experience, but you will never know everything, and other people are the main source for knowledge, advice, examples, and new perspectives. Having an example to go by can certainly make life easier, but all too often, our examples fall short of the mark.

No One is Perfect

How many times has an imperfection been revealed about someone that disappointed all of those who looked up to them? Even the best people on Earth have made mistakes. To be human is to be imperfect. There is nothing wrong with admiring someone for their talent, personality, or for their contribution to society.
It is important, however, to realize that when you idolize someone, you can become a lot like them and reflect even their flaws. You might not even realize the bad habits you have picked up from people you love and respect.
On the other hand, it is not fair to completely discredit all the good that someone has done for a wrong that they have done. Ultimately, there may be something that your idol will say or do that you will not like. You should pick and choose what you do like about a person, use that as your example, and ignore the rest.

One Role Model Just Won't Do

While it is a good thing to look to other people and learn from them, it is hardly beneficial to limit yourself to a single human being as an ultimate example for life. Therefore, it is important to expand your horizons and learn to follow after a number of people.
We would say to choose something great about several individuals and don't rely on any one person to be the example for every life choice you make.

Think for Yourself

You were not made to become a copy of someone else. You can be great and people may even look up to you. The most effective way to lead the best life that you can live is to make decisions based on your own knowledge and experience, plus the wisdom that is made available to you through other people.
Take the best parts of the world that surrounds you, and be the person that you were meant to be.