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The Magnificent But Little-known Power of Positive Thinking

Gaynor Borade Nov 18, 2018
The Law of Attraction replicates what scholars prior to the advent of Neuro Linguistic Programming confirmed. The 'mind' is an important resource that displays the ability to generate a desired outcome. The power of positive thinking manifests in success, and subsequently, raised levels of confidence.
Positive thinking refers to an optimistic approach. Optimism adds quality to every choice that manifests, within every situation.
Human desire changes with the acquisition of every new dimension to individual life. It involves the inculcation of a thought process that empowers every action directed towards a certain goal. It helps you envision the goal and the outcome of every subsequent action. The 'power' helps you to define the route map towards achievement.
Stories of the awkward child off the streets becoming a business tycoon, or the ordinary freckled face making it to the celluloid charts are invariably credited to positive thinking.
The seven steps towards realization of our aspirations stand on the platform of transference. The process, with or without a counselor or teacher involves:
♦ Meditating on the desired acquisition.
♦ Developing an action plan.
♦ Developing a clear image of the goal, in the 'accomplished' form.
♦ Brainstorming to enhance the ability to visualize.
♦ Empowering every subsequent real-time action with self-discipline and patience.
♦ Positive affirmation within the subconscious mind, to reflect in behavior and action.
♦ Routing all pursuits and daily interactions towards the achievement of the goal.
The power generated by thought is automatically transferred to every subsequent action. The 'imagine' and 'action plan' game has a ripple effect.
The more vivid the imagination and brainstorming, the closer you are towards the realization of your dreams. It transmits thoughts and empowers associated people and actions. Thus charged with enthusiasm, you are able to foster courage and attempt the otherwise unimaginable.
Positive thinking is an ongoing confirmation of your personal belief in your own words and actions. It generates a 'midas touch' kind of effect, and persuades others in the peripheral to invest in your plans and give in to the enthusiasm you display. It is in this space that the power of positive thinking manifests in the form of effective goal setting.
The rejection of doubt, increased level of concentration, show of grit and determination, and mind-control are the major tools that tweak every interaction towards the realization of your desire.
Self-motivation to charge towards the light at the end of the tunnel comes from mental manifestation of the advantages and benefits of your aspiration. You need to make the images larger than life. When all mental energy is poured into the single mold, day after day, the design sets and affects your attitude and actions.
The raised level of confidence is clearly noticed by others around you and the result is that they begin to generate opportunities. Corresponding situations automatically manifest turning thought into reality. A positive thought process enables you to develop the right mental attitude, conducive to growth.
There are a number of animate and inanimate resources that operate online and in real time to help in the endeavor. Expansion and success are in your mind-set. The right mental attitude generates favorable results.
Even in the face of adversity, the positive approach enables you to make the most of manifested choices. This works as an antidote for stress and related health problems.
Positive thinking is contagious. It has the power of latching on to everyone we meet and interact with. A healthy mindset reflects in body language, aura, and mood.
The application may not always be possible without some external guidance and stimulation. It is for this very reason that a number of books and workshops on motivation have been designed. With the initial thrust, it is easy to visualize and work towards favorable situations.