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Positive Thinking Exercises

Medha Godbole Nov 24, 2018
Positive thinking is essential to keep us going through any situation in life. There are certain exercises which enhance our self-confidence and help us do away with negativity. Here, we provide various exercises that might prove beneficial to becoming optimistic in life.
It is said that tough times never last, but tough people do. One often wonders what is the driving force behind their infallibility. Come to think of it, one reason could be optimism. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for people to come out trumps after dealing with difficult situations in their lives.
Almost all have encountered tough and frustrating phases in their lives. However, it is necessary to cut out the negativity, and this can be achieved by indulging in some positive affirmations. It is not to say that only if one is going through a period of wreckage everywhere, one should follow these techniques and it would get them out of the mess.
Instead, these exercises have to be done regularly to enable one to tackle the good as well as bad times and that too with a balanced state of mind.

Thoughtfully Positive

It is believed that one's thoughts govern one's words, which reaches the brain, and then, the brain converts those into actions.
Hence, one should guide his/her thoughts towards something positive if they are tending towards depression and negativity, because that would have an impact on how one behaves. One can visualize a positive image and think about the things that make one happy, and try to keep the negativity in check.


One should always try to use positive words while talking. Never say 'I can't'. One should just believe that he/she can or he/she would try their hardest or give their best. Thus, one would have to push themselves towards it.
Constantly say things to yourself like, 'I can', 'I will', 'I believe in myself'. Another aspect is to play around with words that make one happy and instills confidence in them. Make sure that the words used evoke power and a sense of achievement.

Belief is the Key

If one mutters affirmations just for the sake of doing, it would be futile. For these affirmations to work, one would have to believe in themselves. One should have the faith that he/she would succeed and get what he/she wants. Just believe that one has got there.

Gratitude, the Best Policy

Usually, people tend to crib about what went wrong. Instead, one should be grateful for all the good things that he/she has got and then see the difference.
One should begin their day with a big thank you in advance, for the wonderful day that has come. This is a very effective method to infuse positivity in our lives.

Make a List

One should make a list of all the things that one wants in their life and visualize how he/she is going to get them.
One should justify to himself/herself as to why one deserve these things and why one is going to get these things. One should focus on the reasons for him/her getting it, instead of why he/she might not get it.

The Flip Side

They say that every coin has two sides. Each situation of one's life is also like that. It is just that sometimes only one side is perceived.
Of course, unfortunate things do happen. However, one should try to see what could have happened and what has been a positive outcome of that unfortunate incident. See the good part, as every cloud has a silver lining.

Happy Days

One should indulge in some activity everyday, which would makes him/her happy and aid in forgetting about all the worldly worries and tensions of mere mortals.
It could be hitting a gym, joining a dance or music class, listening to music, reading a book, cooking or anything under the sun. Once the relaxing effect of these activities, trickles down, one would get into that positive mode. This is one of the most easiest tips.
The aforementioned exercises are the basic things that one needs to do, in order to achieve positive thinking. There are many more dimensions to it, but once one gets into that mode, nothing can stop them from achieving success in life.