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Positive Self Affirmations That are Proven to Actually Work

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 30, 2018
Positive self-affirmations help you think positively to achieve a successful balance of life. They help in building a positive self-confidence with constructive visualizations and positive instructions. A positive thought from the inner-self lights up your spirit and rebuilds you for new challenges, rewards, and lessons.
Your mind is what you are. Everything around you is an illusion you create with your thinking. It's all a mind game. Negative or positive, all depends on your perception. It very much is the power of your mind that decides how your day, week, month, year, and eventually your life is going to be like.
So, if everything is what you think, then why do sometimes things go wrong? Well, nothing ever goes wrong! You just discover another way, which is not going to work towards solving something. Developing positive self-affirmations are the most powerful tools of a personality. It gives the person a calm and composed aura.

What are Positive Self-affirmations?

Positive affirmations help you develop a holistic mindset towards life, through positive visualization and self motivation. The first step towards a good life, is building a optimistic attitude. The trick to develop such an attitude is to always see the bigger picture.
Once you learn to see the bigger picture, every hurdle in your way to reach there, seems inconsequential. Thus, motivational affirmations help to develop a optimistic mindset towards every endeavor.

How to Be Positive?

The best self-help books will tell you that constantly telling yourself, that you are good, better and the best, is the way of developing self-confidence. Constant reminder that you deserve it and you are worth it, helps you replace a negative thought with a positive one.
Here are some examples:

★ I love myself.

★ I know I deserve this job.
★ My only competition is me, and hence I shall strive for the best.

★ I have the power to forgive other and understand that we are equals.
★ I am extremely organized and all set to achieve my goals.

★ I have the capacity to let go what is not mine.
★ I have a broad mindset and I am open to change.

★ I shall pick up every hurdle as a challenge and wear my scars as my medals.
★ Happiness is mine. I choose it.

★ I will do it.
All the bonds that you can think of, are made by you. Free your soul by being optimistic and by making encouraging self-affirmations. They are assurances of changing your outlook towards your own life. Positivity will help you balance to your life, guide you to discover the meaning of life, living and loving.
There is nothing more powerful than your mind. Every goal is just a wish away! Wish with all your heart and love yourself with all your heart, and the 'universe shall conspire to work with you'.