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Personal Mission Statement Template

Here's a Template to Help You Write a Personal Mission Statement

Find here, not only the purpose of writing a good personal mission statement, but also template samples that you can use to draft positive and effective mission statements for yourself.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: May 8, 2018
A personal mission statement is simply a promise that you make to yourself directed towards goal achievement. It gives you the necessary focus and guides you through your career path or any other aspect of your life, to attain those goals that you have always desired but never been able to achieve. You may call it a goal-setting tool that helps you develop a vision for your future. The only way you can appreciate the effects of a personal mission statement is by writing one and experiencing the advantages it gives you. Here, we give you guidelines to writing one by means of a template.
How to Write a Personal Mission Statement
Writing a good personal mission statement is going to take a little time. Though it is meant to be short, choosing the right words and drafting it in a concise yet impressive manner that actually proves effective and helps you achieve your goals, requires some time as well as the need to follow these tips:
  • Determine your Passion and Abilities: Some of you may not be aware of it, but you're sure to have some kind of passion; some driving force to get you where you want to be. First identify this driving force. Then point out things you are naturally good at, or things you like doing, or both. Some of you may be creative, socially active, or good managers. Whatever you think your abilities are, make a note of them.
  • Determine your Principles and Values: Principles guide the manner in which you go about attaining your goals. When you make a note of these, you are promising yourself to follow these to give you a direction toward your final destination. These principles also help you decide the kind of impact you want to have on the people around you, the causes you are passionate about, and the virtues that you think are necessary to achieve your goal. An important note to make is that principles are simply guidelines and can be altered as the situation demands. However, your core values such as simplicity or respect will remain the same. So what are the principles and values you live by? Note them down.
  • Determine Your Goals: Why are you writing a mission statement? What is your ultimate goal? What do you intend to achieve by utilizing your abilities and your values? Identify all these to complete your mission statement.
These are simply the underlying guidelines that will help you write a good personal mission statement. Once you have identified these and incorporated them in the template given below, your task will become much simpler.
Given here is a template using which you can use to draft a personal mission statement, followed by some examples that will help you understand how you can effectively write your mission statement.
Template Sample 1
My mission is to use my [passion/abilities/positive personality traits] to achieve [your goals], based on my [principles/values].
Template Sample 2
To be known by [passion/abilities/qualities you wish to develop], as someone who follows the right [principles/values] to achieve [your goal].
It is indeed as simple as that. A personal mission statement is meant to be simple, concise, yet depict all that you wish to achieve from your life. The examples given below will help you further in writing your own mission statement.
Sample 1
My mission is to use my love for clothing and fashion, and my unique personality to dress comfortably yet beautifully everyday, and inspire others to express themselves effortlessly and freely.
Sample 2
My mission is to create a profitable restaurant with a delightful ambiance, delicious food, and excellent service where people can genuinely relish their dining experience.
Sample 3
To be the most passionately referred interior designer in the industry, while aiming to provide my clients with the best of my talent as a designer, as well as optimum service.
Sample 4
To improve the lives of those I meet by helping them face trying times and situations with enthusiasm and courage.
As you evolve and achieve your goals, your personal mission statement is bound to change. Keep reviewing it on a regular basis to remind yourself of what you have set out to achieve. Some people believe that framing your mission statement and keeping it in a place you will see it everyday is a great way of ensuring you achieve your goals. Use the template above, so that you can draft your mission and maintain a positive attitude towards attaining your goals.