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Overcoming Fear Of Failure

Most of us have faced the fear of failure, but do not acknowledge it. It is of utmost importance to rise above this fear to accomplish the journey of fear to success.
Pragya Singh Apr 25, 2019
Fear of failure comes due to low self esteem and lack of positivity in life. No person on this planet can boast of having never failed. But, the courage to fight this fear and emerge victorious is what gives life its worth.

How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Identify The Fear

The most important aspect in conquering fear is identifying it. One cannot always be successful. Things may not always turn out as planned. But remember this is not the end. Analyse your mistakes and prepare yourself to put in more effort in the next attempt. Have a belief in yourself and ensure you do not lose confidence.

Failure Is Temporary - This Too Shall Pass

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.”
– J.K. Rowling
Failure never stays with you. It is there only till you decide to work towards achieving success. No failure should be huge enough to refrain you from starting afresh.

Learn From Past And Act Accordingly

The fear of failing comes from one’s past failures. Introspect upon what went wrong in the past and the areas where you can improve. Doing this will make you strong so you could work even harder this time. Just live in the present moment and work on your weaknesses.

Set Simple Goals

Set simple goals and work towards achieving them with all your efforts. Achieving small goals will build your confidence. You shall gradually become optimistic of your capabilities and determined to achieve the bigger goal that you have set for yourself.

Self Improvement

No matter how bad or how repeatedly you fail, remember that no failure should be powerful enough to drift you away from your goal. Every failure coming your way should, in turn, contribute in your self growth, giving you the strength and belief that you can and must do even much better.

Get Closer To Nature

Nature inspires us, only if we know how to utilise it to our benefit. Spending time with nature gives a refreshing feeling and improves concentration level. Meditate regularly, as it will help you to collect your energy and focus at one point so that you can work towards achieving your goal.

Visualize Your Future Beyond Failure

Each time you overcome your failures you move one step forward to a life that you get by following your dreams and passions. All mistakes, embarrassments would be well paid and you will have nothing to regret about. You can be assured of living a life where success would be all yours.