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Notable Memory Improvement Games

Rujuta Borkar Oct 6, 2018
Need some ways in which you can improve your memory? Try some of these memory improvement games and you'll be improving your brain power in a fun way.
As we age, our brain power depletes. And if we do nothing to keep it running and in action, the brain power becomes lesser and lesser. This degeneration of brain power makes itself very clear in the way in which we carry out our regular activities.
For example, what we could once remember at the tip of a hat (like phone numbers, for example) we now find difficult to recollect and have to strain ourselves and coax our brains to remember. Or recalling where we've kept the keys, the remote, our specs... are all instances of what happens when you let your brain become sluggish.
Then what is one to do to stop that from happening? We need to force the brain to keep working and to keep testing its powers. And while there are several ways of doing that, one of the most interesting ways is to use memory improvement games for the same.
To make things easier, let's have two sections of the improve memory games―for kids and adults. That's not to say that each category cannot play the games meant for the others.

Games for Kids

These are some of the most interesting memory games for kids to choose from:

Matching Pairs

One of the simplest and yet the most effective game that there is. Lay down a few cards upside down and then try and match a corresponding number to the next. Each time, open a pair and if they don't match, turn them over again.
The objective of the game is that you remember the position of the cards so that you are able to recall them and be able to earn the maximum bunch. There are several variations to this game, like having picture of several dishes in front of you and after they've been shuffled, trying to place them back in their original position.


Solving puzzles is one of the best exercise for your brain. Get a huge puzzle that is a little tough to solve and go ahead with the brain exercises.

Complete the Phrase

This one's played in a group. Take a catchy phrase like 'I went to the store once and I (bought a mattress)' The next person has to repeat the phrase with the item that the first person bought and then add to it the item that he bought. The game can continue for a long time.

Games for Adults

While you can easily play the memory games for children mentioned earlier, if there is a need for more advanced games, then here are a few memory games for adults to choose from:

Card Games

All card games have been designed in such a way that they aim at improving your brain power.
You can choose any card game like Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Not at Home, Poker, Bridge, Challenge, Black Jack, Go Fish, etc. that have all been designed to hone your thinking, analytical and problem solving abilities. Gather a group of friends and go nuts.

Board Games

So many board games! Pictionary, Scrabble, 'Life', Clue, Scotland Yard, Trivial Pursuit, etc. Again a wide range of games that have been designed to get you thinking and using your brain power to solve problems.

Trivia Questions

These trivia questions can be molded according to whatever suits you. And it's not necessary to have questions that are really, really tough or difficult. It can be simple ones as well that range from films, history, television serials, etc. It's the way in which you are able to remember and recall that counts.
One can even look into the option of computer games or online games for improving their memory. There are several forms that have been developed in the recent times and you need not have to depend on just a few. Find some games that you enjoy playing, and not only will you be improving your memory, but having a great time while doing it as well.