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Stop Juggling With Time and Follow a Rigid Schedule to Manage It

Prerna Salla Nov 18, 2018
Most of us fumble for this one thing in life, Time. Ever wondered why?
Time on the job although monitored can be painfully less, especially if the kind of job you do demands more of it most of the time. A good eight hourly schedule can be painful if you've been working for more than the stipulated number of hours for days together.
What's most difficult for most of us is managing it. This may sound familiar to most of us in today's scenario. Perhaps we can look at it more squarely for best results.
Time management skills can help you to cross the widening gap of the hours you put in a day and the actual productive hours. While you might have gone through scores of these on various sites, there are some good pointers to efficiently manage it.
Writing millions of bulleted points really won't help you as much. You spend more time going through them rather than implementing them. Here's what you can do if you haven't yet made a head start!

Plan your work

Spend one week filling in a detailed diary of what tasks you do and how long you spend on them. Even better, you could begin in the previous week as and when you remember the tasks that you have set aside for the week.
Analyze the time that will be consumed for each task, and if you think you will forget this at the last moment, set up reminders in your cell phone, computer, anywhere you can access it frequently. While this solves a huge amount of your trouble with respect to recalling, you can go on to the next step of prioritizing.
* Making a priority list is as important as making the planner. This allows you to execute your tasks more efficiently. Keep in mind unusual events too, like children suddenly falling sick, and also the time to check up on their vaccinations. If you have a pet back home, place in its details as well.
* Keep in touch with all your friends, either personal or professional. You never know who comes to your rescue at the given moment. Make it a point to mail them regularly. This keeps you abreast of the things and happenings in their lives. Set deadlines for everything that you have noted so far.
* Make a list of the things that you eat. This is important because if you've overindulged in anything before this, there is a possibility that you may ruin your health, placing all the items on your list at low priority. Working efficiently also means taking care of your own health. Most people don't realize this.
* Keep revisiting your list from time to time. Communicate with people efficiently; most of the tasks are solved through communication. You might not have to be physically present to complete the task at hand. So, be aware of other means to get your job done.
* Lastly don't forget to take a break between tasks. While you are relaxing, thanks to the force of habit, make it a point to write down all your goals too! What you intended to do in life and how far have to succeeded. It's important that you keep a holistic approach for yourself.
After all, all humans are imperfect, and all we can do really is to make our lives as colorful as possible to live it fully.