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4 Fun Ways That Tell You How to Use Your Imagination Effectively

How to Use Your Imagination
What does the term 'imagination' bring to your mind? What do you think of your imaginative powers? Whatever that term brings to your mind, use it to create or simply to relax. Use it in any way you like. If you don't know how to use your imagination, here are some ways that you might like.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Imagination involves going beyond the obvious and venturing into what could be or could have been. How you use it then is your prerogative. Some people use imagination in very dangerous ways, while others use it to make a difference to the whole world. Either way, they offer something unique to the world; something you should either be careful of, or something you should embrace whole-heartedly. What do you want to create from your imagination? What should you do with all those wild thoughts sprinting through your head all the time? Don't you think you need a channel to let them out? Here are some ways in which you can use your imagination.
Using your Imagination Creatively
A lot of people think being creative is not their cup of tea. However, what they don't realize is that they use some amount of creativity every day. Pairing a shirt with a blazer, a tie with a shirt, a belt with shoes, and other small things like that, require you to use your imagination and be creative. The question is not whether you are creative. The question is how creative can you get? How far can you push yourself to think beyond the obvious and come up with something new? What are you trying to achieve by using your imagination more than usual? Do you have answers to these questions? If not, here's how you can direct your imagination to create the unusual.
Use your Imagination to Create
Your imagination would always work better if you channelized it toward something you like doing. For instance, if you are interested in writing songs, and thought deeper into it and looked for the appropriate inspiration, you would be able to write a chartbuster soon. So, the idea is to think in terms of things that interest you, and not force yourself to conjure something that has little relevance to your interests. So based on interests, you can use your imagination to:
  • Write a book, movie, song, or poem
  • Create a unique business idea and model; something that people need but don't have
  • Choose or make a gift for a loved one, or just put together a bunch of the most unique things you know they will like
  • Sketch, paint, or draw
  • Implement newer techniques in the way you work to improve efficiency
  • Mix ingredients and create special delicacies
  • Develop new applications for mobile phones
  • Create comic characters and comic strips
  • Click photographs in a variety of poses with unusual props
In essence, you can create almost anything you like (of course it shouldn't harm anyone or yourself), for your personal satisfaction, or for any other purpose.
Use your Imagination to Visualize Success
Success depends on what you can do with your imagination. Just imagining it is not enough. Implementing it in usable ways is also important. However, how powerfully you can imagine and visualize will start dictating your success. It is believed that visualizing is an important tool toward attaining exactly what you want. So, let your imagination run wild; imagine yourself to be in Donald Trump's shoes, your rock idol, or any other person you want to be. Imagine yourself to be your very successful self, in your dream house and your dream room. Imagine yourself with the love of your life, so positively that she/he becomes a part of your life. Imagining success forces you to work toward it so that what you had visualized eventually becomes yours. Things do work this way if you truly believe in them.
Use your Imagination to De-stress
While you can use your visualization and imaginative powers to attract success, you can also use these same powers to relax and calm your mind. All you have to do is imagine yourself to be in a place you want to be. For instance, close your eyes and imagine yourself to be on a beach. Walk through the water on the shore of the beach, and imagine leaving your footprints behind, only for the water to wash them away. Sense the cool water touching your feet. Walk toward a rock, see a carving with a special message on it for you. Add as many details as you would like. But use your imagination to create a relaxing scene, so that this relaxation prevails over your senses and calms you down. A great exercise for stress-busting, you are sure to feel rejuvenated after trying it out. Moreover, because it's your imagination, you can visualize almost anything you like that calms you down. Try it and see the benefits for yourself.
Use your Imagination to Fantasize
Finally, if you want to just enjoy the power of your vivid imagination, fantasize about things. That is how J. K. Rowling ended up writing the Harry Potter series. Say if you are sitting in a restaurant and waiting for a friend, you could look around you, choose a person, and imagine what her/his life would be like. Imagine what the life of a toothbrush is, or the agony you put your cell phone through every day. Imagine your boss's life beyond work, or what your teacher must be doing in her spare time. There is so much inspiration around. Use it to create a fantasy land where you can retreat when things around you become too difficult to handle.
There are (literally) endless ways of using your imagination. As long as you don't cause harm to anyone or yourself, you can go as wild as you like with it. If you think you don't have a vivid imagination, here are ways in which you go about improving your imagination so that it works in your favor, and gets you out of all your misery and boredom. Have fun and use your imagination well!
Imagination to Visualize Success
Click photographs in poses
Woman making special delicacies
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