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How to Listen to Your Intuition That Knows-it-all About Everything

Aastha Dogra Nov 28, 2018
By listening to your inner voice, you can make a world of difference to the quality of your life. Read on ...
Intuition, sixth sense, hunch, prediction, premonition - call it by any name, the point is that all human beings have this ability. Some realize it and some don't!
Then there are some, like the psychics, who have developed it to such an extent that they can actually see the future, not only their own, but also of the people whom they have never even met before! Yes! This is very much possible and anyone can develop his intuitive abilities, provided they learn to listen to their inner voice!

Yes I Can!

The first step in learning to listen to your intuition is to agree and acknowledge that yes, you too have such an ability and that the only thing you have to do is to develop it! Only if you believe that you have an inner voice, will you be actually able to listen to it.
For this, stay away from negative thoughts like "intuition is not to be trusted" or it is unreliable, which many people around, might say or feel. You focus on yourself and learn to trust your instincts.

Your Inner-self...

Connect to yourself. It is very important to know your feelings, thoughts, opinions and ideas about various things in life. A person who knows himself well, will be able to listen to his hunches more clearly.
So, even if you have a very hectic schedule, where you hardly get time to even breathe, spare a few minutes to think about your life, your day, the things you did and those you didn't. This exercise will help you improve aspects of your life, including your relationships, besides developing your psychic abilities.


This ancient technique will help you master your mind. As "clarity of thought" is a pre-requisite to really know and understand your feelings, your hunches and your inner voice, so practice meditation every day.
If you follow a routine of this, soon you will see that you no longer worry about your past and are able to live satisfactorily in the present moment. This state will help you in listening to your intuition.

Creativity and Imagination...

Do activities that inculcate creativity and imagination. Scientifically it's been proved that activities that stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, such as dancing, singing, painting, debating, arguing, brainstorming, etc., make a person thoughtful and intuitive as well.

Experiencing Life...

The more you know about people, things, situations, the more experience you gain in life, the more understanding you have of the things around you, the more your intuitive powers will develop and the better you will be able to follow your intuition!
Our subconscious mind utilizes the information that is available to our conscious mind to make predictions. So, if you are aware of the things around you, if you are a good judge of situations and human behavior, you will be able to listen to and develop your intuitive powers more clearly.

A Personal Diary...

Start writing about your thoughts, feelings and emotions in a diary. If someday you have some kind of an intuition about something, write about it. This will help you in keeping a track whether it came true or no.
Use your personal diary to write about your opinions on things around you. Whenever you get time, read what you wrote a few days or months back. This will help you in clearing your thoughts and knowing yourself better.
As you must have gauged by now, to truly listen to your intuition, you need to have a clear, positive, open, receptive and intelligent mind. Keeping stresses of life in check and being in the midst of nature are some other things that you can do, besides the tips given here, to develop these qualities of your mind.
If you wish to, you can take help from a psychic to achieve the same too. So, without wasting any more time, start living an "aware" life fully to "connect" with yourself and follow your intuition!