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How to Bid Adieu and Let Go of Guilt to Calm Down Your Tense Sense

How to Let Go of Guilt
If you want to know how to let go of guilt, the following paragraphs will throw some light on the same. Guilt is something we all face at least once in our lifetime, and dealing with it can sometimes be difficult. To help yourself overcome this feeling, treat yourself to some emotionally healthy tips mentioned in the article below.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2018
Everyone of us goes through tough times, times when we think this is the end of everything that we once cherished. These times can be difficult for everyone of us, irrespective of what we went through, and coping up with them is certainly not an easy task. I'm assuming you've been through something similar, isn't it? However, the guilt of your actions is now haunting you at all times. You've put up some letting go quotes around your room, and you're trying hard to not think of what has happened even though it has. It wasn't your mistake but you think it is and the guilt won't leave you alone. You ask yourself time and again how to let go of guilt, guilt that is troubling you and reminding you of times you don't want to be reminded of. The first tip I would give you is to be strong. With a strong mind and the urge to get rid of something that is not good for you, can cure almost anything in this world. So, be strong and read through the tips below. If you're receptive enough, they sure will help you out!
5 Steps to Make Guilt and Shame Go Away
The first thing you need to do is contemplate what exactly went wrong from your side. Sometimes, we do things or resort to certain actions unknowingly, and have to then pay for them. At such times, there is no need to feel guilty. Yes, the consequences might make you feel unhappy but, if your words/actions were not intentionally, you have to understand that it's not your fault. Being guilty of having committed something is different and living with the guilt when it's not your fault is different. Think about the situation that led to this, and try to analyze what went wrong and where.
Tense Sense
If an incident in the past has affected you and made you think that you are at fault, there are a few things you need to understand well. First, is the guilt lasting for more time than necessary? Is this guilt going to help make changes in your life and that too for the better? Is this guilt exceeding its limits and forcing your emotional being to resort to unhealthy thoughts? If yes, you need to understand that what happened, happened in the past. You have to move on from your past and give your present a chance. Once you understand and believe in the fact that nothing is going to change, it might help you to let go of the guilt.
Happy Thoughts
If you know the guilt is wrong, and you want to know how to let go of guilt, this one might be the most helpful. You have to learn to think happy and that too continuously. Do things that make you happy and that might distract you from the guilt. Indulge in hobbies and activities that you loved once and you will see how wonderful a change that brings. Stay around people that make you happy and who are in general jovial by nature. Join the local laughing club and laugh till it hurts. It might be a little difficult initially, but eventually, everything does become alright for those who want to make it so.
Meaningful Repent
If you know you have done something wrong, and that too intentionally, in the spur of the moment or because that particular thing seemed right at that particular moment, you have time to repent for it now. Punishments were made so that we can repent for our mistakes and you can do the same. If it was a relationship, say sorry till the other person forgives you. If you have caused irreversible damage, do good that equals to the bad that happened from your side. Plant few trees, educate a child, or feed the poor. Do anything that will help you get rid of the guilt. Here, even if you're doing good, you have to understand that what you did was wrong, and promise yourself you won't do it again.
Seek Help
If none of the above tips help you, it's time you seek help. If your guilt seems to be turning into depression, you should go and visit a psychologist. Timely consultation can work wonders for most. Sharing of problems has always helped people but it's also important with whom you share your problems. Psychologists are used to handling cases like these, and they know exactly where the problem lies. You have to understand and accept that you have a problem, only then can you accept a solution. If you live in denial, the guilt is going to have its long term effects on you.
More than finding out how to let go of guilt, concentrate more on how to overcome it in a healthy way. If the guilt still continues to haunt you, you need a change of place that might probably be the answer to all troubles. Go on an adventurous holiday if nothing seems to help. Chances are, if you keep trying at it, you might just be successful in overcoming it. Don't Worry, Be Happy!