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How to Gain Self-Confidence

Building self-confidence is a long process that does not happen overnight. It requires sincere efforts and a great perseverance on your part. Read on to know more.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 30, 2018
Self-confidence is not congenital, but evolves as an essence of the myriad life experiences that we go through. To say that it determines the course of your life, would not be an overstatement.
However, there are some people who just refuse to trust their own capabilities and end up being weak and consequently unsuccessful. If you are amongst those people, then it's high time you pull up your socks and embark upon the mission to boost your confidence.

Essential Tips

Don't Focus On What Others Think of You

Remember one thing in life, nobody has time to pause and judge you, because everybody is just so obsessed with themselves.
So, if you think that you did not make quite an impression in the party or a meeting, then there are at least hundred other people who think the same thing about themselves.
Hence, do not even consider for a moment what others might think about you or of your certain shortcomings. Having said that, I do not expect you to turn into a completely reckless person with absolutely no consideration for anyone. It's just that you should not let others' perceptions about you come in your way of success.

I Can Do It Attitude

Remember how Barack Obama's 'Yes we can' slogan during election campaign created history? It instilled the feeling in the common man that he can bring changes in world. Unless, you believe that you can do it, you can never succeed.
Losers keep losing until they discover they too can be winners! The problem with people having low confidence is that they do not realize their own prowess and refuse to take up tasks that can change their lives. Also, they end up taking tasks, which have a high potential of failure, so that their own perceived feeling of being a 'loser' is re-enforced!

Don't be Afraid of Failures

The only real failure in life is the failure to try, goes an old adage. It is mostly our fear of failure that holds us back from pursuing our innermost desires. Often, this fear forces you to lose out on the golden opportunities in life.
Take for instance, you really like a girl in your college and think that perhaps she too has a soft corner for you. But you hesitate to ask her out for the fear of rejection, this is when some other confident guy jumps at the opportunity and makes the best of it. You are then only left pondering about the if and only situations.
However, this might teach you an important lesson in life, and that is to try to give your best without bothering about the consequences.

Have Faith and Patience

You may not be lucky to get what you want at first go itself. However, don't let this failure discourage you. Your determination, dedication, and devotion will ultimately bring success to you.
However, it is important to remain resilient and unperturbed by little hitches life throws at you. Have faith in your abilities and continue to pursue your efforts with great patience.