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7 Brilliant Ways on How to Deal With Negative People Positively

How to Deal With Negative People Positively
Every day, we deal with a number of different people from all walks of life. However, we tend to turn our attention away when confronted with a high-intensity negative person. Here is a post to help you deal with negative people positively.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Do you come across people who are fraught with negativity? Has your friend, who is very dear to you, developed a negative attitude, and you can't just stand it anymore? Do people around you see a glass half empty instead of half full? Well, it is not new, there are a lot of people you might have come across, or will come across at least once, filled with negativity. Such people can drain your positive energy and influence your thinking making it negative too, because no matter what you say or do, they have a way of spinning things in the negative direction. You cannot really put an end to this, and turn attention away, because you have to deal with such people on-and-off in your life. Therefore, it is important to deal with them in a way that you don't get affected by their negativity.
Make positive statements
Man in problems
A negative person is going to go on and on about how unfair everything is... how nothing pleases her/him... and about so many other complaints... In such cases, be an active listener, irrespective of whether you absorb it or not. They want to be heard, they want to vent out their grief. Give them a patient ear, ask questions, agree with whichever points you think are legitimate and lastly, emphasize by making positive statements. How does it feel when someone tells you to relax, when you are super annoyed? Good, right? Give them a sympathetic ear.
Avoid negative comments and stay in a positive frame of mind
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While dealing with cynical people, it is likely that you too tend to shape your perception in that direction. Don't let that happen, be firm and don't let their thoughts influence yours. Never take such people personally. It may seem difficult, because sometimes even an abrasive person may have a valid point. But here the point is to weigh their comments and decide for yourself, how much importance should be given to these comments. You don't need others to tell you what you are like, however keep an open frame of mind with a willingness to learn.
Broaden your perspective
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Sometimes, some people find it comfortable to share their grief with you, however unfortunately, they may come across as negative people to you. Whether the person is really negative or not, you're the one who is perceiving the person as negative make sure you have legitimate reasons to back your thinking. Broaden your perspective, probably the negativity is a product of your lens. Therefore, interpret every trait of theirs in a positive manner, or look for the goodness in him/her instead of the negativity.
Don't get into an argument with them
Friends arguing
The most important thing you have to learn is, not to get into an argument with a negative person. At such times the negativity in them is aggravated and there is every possibility that it might rub on to you. No matter how hard you try to direct the discussion in a positive way, a negative person will have strong view points to back his stand. Avoid arguments as far as possible, or change the subject, whichever is easy.
Praise them for their positive aspects
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This is one thing that is sure to work even if the others don't. Praise them for their positive aspects. Find a silver lining in the dark cloud. While they talk to you about all the negative things in the world, make sure you understand all of it, and yet find a sunny side to it. This can be more frustrating and annoying for them. However, remember this will mark as the first seed of positivity you are sowing in them.
Actions speak louder than words
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Be an enthusiast and focus on your own positive energy. Try to influence your positivity onto him/her. Look at everything positively, find goodness in all that you see and most importantly help the negative person to perceive things from your viewpoint. Let the positivity rub on to them. Initially it may seem really difficult, yet cultivating this skill will become your second nature.
Counter react with warmth
Sad couple hug
I firmly believe in the language of love, and that it can melt a total cynic. Usually a negative person is depressed, lonely and longing for attention. A negative person constantly feels he/she is unloved and as a result craves affection. A hug, peck, or a simple smile, can break down negativity faster than words. This might also help them get to the heart of the problem, causing their negativity.
It may seem difficult for you to deal with negative people initially, however you can make the world a better place to live in by working on yourself. Don't let negativity influence your mind, become self-aware, protect your positive space and let nobody intrude it.
Be an enthusiast and focus on your positive energy!
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