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How to Control Anger Outbursts?

Parashar Joshi Oct 4, 2018
Are you a short-tempered person? Do you have trouble controlling your anger? Well, here we have some tips on controlling anger outbursts.
"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored, than to anything on which it is poured." ~ Mark Twain
The quote mentioned here is a near-perfect description of the effect of rage on one's mind and self. Anger is an interesting thing, and what is even more interesting, is the novelty factor in the different ways that people have of controlling or dealing with it.
Some people close their eyes and count one to ten, many resort to deep breathing, a few clench their fists and swear under their breath in an effort to stay calm, some resort to loud laughter, whereas a lot of us fail to do anything about it and fly into an instant rage.
Outbursts are common, and in most cases, they are a direct byproduct of the stressful lives that we currently lead. Controlling angry outbursts is of utmost importance from the view of good mental and physical health.

Managing Anger Outbursts

There are various reasons for anger outbursts and stress is the major one. Work related problems, relationships, financial strains, disobedient kids, and daily trivial issues, as mood swings, traffic jams, bad customer service, long lines, etc., contribute to it. So how to control such outbursts? Well, here are some ways to avoid them in the first place:
Practice deep breathing. It is practiced by many people and with a high degree of success. Whatever may be the reason for your fury, just close your eyes, relax your mind, and breathe deeply. Do so for a mere sixty seconds and you'll instantly notice the impact that it has on your rage.
Music therapy is another good way of controlling bad moods. Listening to some relaxing, soothing music, can help in calming your nerves.
Practice meditation and yoga. They have a positive effect on your mental framework and they ensure better mind control, which helps significantly in anger management.
Use your rage productively. Anger, after all is nothing but energy in a negative form. Convert this negative energy into positive energy. Let the very reason for your rage become a positive driving force, which you can make use of to overcome the obstacles or hurdles.

How to Control Anger in Front of Children

Stubborn, unwilling, or disobedient children are often a cause of anger to their parents. So how to go about controlling your outburst? Well, patience is the key. Kids need to be told things in a way that they can understand or comprehend.
In most cases, a child will not do as told simply because he or she hasn't really understood what the parent has said. Even if it's a case of intentional disobedience or arrogance, the parents should always remain calm and maintain composure when addressing the issue. Raising a hand on the child is never a solution, and only causes further damage.
Well, this was a short overview on taking care of any sort of outburst, the effects of which can be adverse. In the end we leave you with another famous quote about rage.
"For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson