How to Be Popular

Want to know how to be a popular guy? Here are some great tips on how to be popular in elementary school, college, at work, anywhere!
MissionSelf Staff
What is it that makes popularity such an enviable trait? I guess at the end of the day, it all comes down to the fact that man is, and always has, been a social animal. And a man craves the company of other men and women, irrespective of whether he likes them or not. Hence, there is this need to be popular among those of us who aren't.
Get Out!
Well, let's start with the basics. If you want to be popular, you need to be around people. For that, you need to get out of your shell. Because no one is going to come to you, so you have to go to them. This is the best tip for being popular in middle school. So get out of the house. Go to a party, or a big game, or a rock show. Or better yet, play some sports or music yourself. This is a sure-fire way of grabbing some eyeballs.
Meet New People
Sure, you have your own friends, but don't you have a niggling feeling that you want to be popular in a larger group than that of your few friends. So go on, make some new friends. Meet some people at a lounge, a bar or any other social gathering which interests you. Mind you, your interest in the social gathering is crucial. Because if you go to an art exhibition with no knowledge and show dislike for the stuff on display, I assure you, you're making no friends there!
Have a Wingman
Maybe I've been watching a lot of 'How I Met Your Mother', but the wingman theory really works. It can be hard for you to enter a new place, with new people all by yourself, so why not go with someone you know well? You can introduce each other to new people and get to know them. The point of that is to get to know more people around town.
Dress Up
This is an important step in college, because quite frankly, few slobs can ever be too popular. So when you go out, dress up well. Wear your best clothes, ones that accentuate your features best and carry them off with confidence. And then see the attention that you get. After all ,it's not a coincidence that the best dressed people are the most popular.
Throw a Party
Another fairly simple road to popularity in college is to throw a party. People in college love a good party and will come towards you like the bees to a flower. And if you throw a good party, (read: good food, good music and lots of drinks), chances are, people will flock over to your place at the drop of a hat.
Read Up
Wisdom is an attractive trait, favorably considered by people of both sexes. Hence, it is important that you read up and be intelligent. It is important to know about different things, so read up on a variety of topics.
No matter what yo do, you also need to remember to be yourself. It's a fact that you can't be popular with absolutely everyone. Get with the kind of people you want to hang out with and do things to impress them. Use these tips to be popular and attract people towards you.
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