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How to Be Patient

How to Be Patient in Every Walk of Life to Achieve Your Desires

How to be patient. This thought has occurred to many and only a few have found out the answers. This article is another attempt for those who want to learn the art of being patient and learn to enjoy this life as a gift.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
"He that can have patience can have whatever he will." - Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father.
A lot can be learned from the above given lines of Benjamin Franklin. Being patient is a virtue that many can't achieve. In a recent study conducted by Harvard University being patient is the most important thing that parents want their kids to learn. Acquiring patience requires patience. It is often said that being in anger is like drinking poison and hoping that it would affect the enemy. In today's fast paced world of technology, work is done in a snap. Right from cooking to sending messages everything has become so quick and easy; that hoping to be patient is like asking for someone's blood. People who are always in rush take life as a burden and not as a journey. In this article we teach such people how to have patience.
Patience is necessary to be successful in life. This trait teaches us how to start from scratch and achieve the bigger things in life at the end. If you know the art of patience then you have the weapon that will help you fight any situation that life puts in your path. Similarly any decision taken with patience is considered as the best decision of life. There have been times in everyone's life where just being patient has saved the day. Learning patience might be difficult but it is not impossible, it just requires a focused mind and a strong will.
Being Patient in a Relationship
We all know that one of the most important things in a relationship is listening. Listen to problems, happy words and all the crazy and small things that make us love our partner more. But how to listen when we are not in that place, but we know it is necessary. The key is being patient and having some self control. So let's see some simple points which help us be a better man or a woman in a relationship.
  • Give importance to your partner's needs. Always remember that the key to happiness is to set your priorities straight. Always show eagerness when your partner is discussing something.
  • If you think you don't have time, talk to your partner and politely say "Darling let's do this another time. Now let's go for an ice cream." You'll gain much more respect and love.
  • Have some alone time for yourself. Being with your partner 24/7 is going to get boring someday, so learn to breathe. Sit for few minutes in a quiet place like a church or a park.
  • Remember what's important. It is natural to get upset for a number of things. But make sure they don't stay in your mind for too long. Never have a grudge against your partner.
  • Don't try to become patient overnight, remember it comes with practice and practice needs time to make you perfect.
Being Patient with Kids
There is no shortage of advise from elders and outsiders on dealing with your kids tantrums, but what about your own? Majority of parents never admit it but their temper is more than their kids on many occasions. It is not that they do it purposely, they just can't help it.
  • Try to be cool. You have said that to your kid many times, but do you ever relax? Having a calm attitude is good to cope with situations instead of having a stressed out and hassled mind.
  • The key to being a patient parent is to remain positive at good and bad times. The more positive you are the less chances there are that you would go wrong in future. It requires quite an effort but it can be achieved.
  • We all want to be the perfect parent and we can't see ourselves failing which is a regular occurrence. But feeling guilty all the time is wrong and harmful as it knocks our confidence down, increases blood pressure and also creates a lot of problems.
  • It is always nice to have some non parenting friends. They always remind you of the life outside family. But having some parents as friends is also a good help sometimes.
  • When you think about it at the end of the day. It is good to be a part of a family, some people aren't so lucky. I am not trying to be emotional, just think and you'll understand what I mean.
  • Give time to your partner. Even if you and your spouse are happy, it is very necessary to have some alone time so that you can rejuvenate the romance in your life.
Being Patient with Others
This world is filled with all kinds of people, these also contain those who have a master's degree in making your life hell. But we can't do anything about it as they come in forms of our relatives, neighbors, friends and in-laws. So how to deal with such kind of people. Let's find out.
  • Visualize those people who frustrate you. This works best if you do it before the frustration factor comes up. Think and see how you want to react when you see someone you don't like.
  • Remember this till you die, "All good things to those who wait". Nothing happens right away. If you wait for good things to happen every second, you'll get impatient every time.
  • Find some healthy ways to relieve your frustration. Punch a pillow, go on your terrace and yell, join a kickboxing class and try meditation.
  • Learn to accept things the way they are. Believe that these are the people you are bound to spend the rest of your life with. They are not going to change their irritating behavior. So you have to change and learn to be patient.
Remember it comes with time and like everyone of you I even used to think it's boredom. But after years of understanding, I realized that patience is the supreme medicine. Apply patience in real life and frustration goes away, anger cools down and peace is yours.
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