5 Simple Hacks on How to Be Happy Alone

How to be happy alone
The person who can make you the happiest is yourself! Though happiness multiplies when you have someone to share it with, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist when you are alone. Find your inspiration to be happy, and whether you have company or not will cease to matter.
There are several people who are always happy no matter what and they love being alone, rather, they show that spark of brilliance only when they are alone. However, most of us are unhappy with life and need the company of someone else in our lives. Enjoying your own company can give you a sense of freedom. Let's get to know how to go about it.
Suggestions to Consider
List some goals
goals list
Doing so would not only give you a new purpose in life but will also make you work to accomplish those goals. This would help you remain motivated, and also make you happy once you accomplish those goals.

Once you have created a list of goals to be achieved, think of a time frame in which you want to get them and of these, choose the top four which can be achieved in a year. Once you're ready, the only step remains is to act on it!
Make a list of old achievements
achieved goals list
Think of all your achievements and how hard and passionately you've worked to achieve those goals. Make a list of your positive qualities. The main reason for this is making you aware of your strengths and things that you can do. Self-motivation is the best way to get out of misery. Moreover, it helps you to stay away from the feeling of loneliness.
Try new things
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Shift away from your routine and learn a new thing or two. You can try out new things like trying to learn a musical instrument, or may be writing your own blog, or better still solving puzzles. Once you have started doing these small things, you will notice how quickly time flies by. If you learn building a website or blogging, you can earn some extra money as well.
Write a journal
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Maintain a diary. Make sure you also write down the kind of responses you give to people in a particular situation. It's a good way to learn your thought process and analyze your strengths and weakness. After about a month, read whatever you have written, and you'll discover the state of your mind.
Be positive
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Whatever be the situation, you can never let your mind be filled with negative thoughts. Steer clear of any thoughts that might bog you down. Never think of your bitter past, and make sure you stay away from pessimists.