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How to Be Beautiful: An Intriguing But Perceptive Question

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 3, 2018
The answer to how to be beautiful lies within you. It is the journey of seeking the real you that will lead you to the answer for this question. Invest a little time and effort in yourself and discover who you truly are and cherish the inward beauty.
What may seem beautiful to me, the same may seem ugly to you. Evidently, beauty is a relative term. The answer to how to be beautiful lies within you. Being beautiful is believing that you are beautiful. It is the inner turmoil or tranquility that shows on the outer surface.
A polished character, with a streak of sophistication and a dash of simplicity can be as admirable as the person dressed up in the most expensive and trendiest of clothes. There is so much more to being beautiful than just dressing up well.
Never compare yourself to someone else. Being beautiful does not mean you have to be prettier than somebody else. The want and the desire to be beautiful is yours and by the virtue of that, it's your strive to find this beauty within yourself.
Compare yourself everyday with, what you were the previous day.
Analyze the things you did that made you feel beautiful and stopped you from seeking shallow answers from the superficiality around you. Make comparisons with yourself and not others, as beauty lies within you and seeking it, is the only way of being beautiful.
Beauty is around you, and not in some expensive parlor or spa. What is the definition of beauty? It is what appeals to you. List down the persons, art, destinations, and places that seem beautiful to you.
Usually, these places and persons come across as attractive to you as somewhere, somehow, and sometime we have the best part of us left with them.
Looking through the 'inward eye' into your innermost self is the best way of reaching to the beauty. To quote a line of William Wordsworth from his famous poem called Daffodils, "They flash upon that inward eye, which is the bliss of solitude", is the perfect example for the aforementioned line.
The poet uses an imagery to express his inner beauty, which comes as an epiphany to him, as he is sitting in a pensive mood. The divine manifestation that you are beautiful will come to you if you take a look at your self-esteem affirmations and work towards making them positive.
Probe deeper into your inner self and you will know that you are beautiful, now it's just a matter of living it!
Enhance the most beautiful assets you have. Looking beautiful is about working on those aspects which are already attractive. For some people it's their eyes, for some it's hair, and so on. The aim of this exercise is to do justice to your body and enhance your reflection, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror.
Health is beauty as much as it is wealth. Destroying your body is losing out on beauty. You have one life to live and one life to make it beautiful.
Do everything in your capacity to make your body as healthy as possible. Love your body and make it attractive by giving the essential nutrients it needs for a healthy and fulfilling life. Healing and keeping your body fit essential for a healthy frame of mind.
Many people fear growing old and they get bogged down by the idea of having wrinkles and aging. Osho, a spiritual leader once said, 'Old age is tremendously beautiful, and it should be so because the whole of life moves towards it'. True indeed! Old age is where wisdom helps you reach the peak of beauty.
Every year, every birthday, you climb a step on the ladder of beauty. Aging is the best thing that happens to us, as it takes us to the zenith of beauty and gives us a chance to discover how to be more beautiful with each breath and each moment. Old age is the ripening of your thought, intellect, growth, wisdom, and true beauty.