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Goal Setting Worksheet Template

Goal Setting Worksheet Template
This article will equip you with a goal setting worksheet template, which you can use as a reminder of all the goals that you need to achieve and by when. Take a copy for yourself and use it well.
Sujata Iyer
There's only a very slight line between being an organized and focused person, and becoming obsessed with the activities that you are required to perform in the course of life. While making something like your current assignment at work the center of your life for its duration by writing down every little detail of your daily activities when not working on the assignment borders on slightly abnormal, that is not the case with using a written plan that places in front of you all the things that you yourself have expected to be done by you. Here's when a goal setting worksheet comes into the picture. This MissionSelf article will give you one that you'll simply need to tweak and fill in, to make a concrete plan of action for whatever you have set out to achieve.
Why Use a Goal Setting Worksheet?
There are bound to be a lot of people who wonder why the need arises for a piece of paper with some rows and columns to know what you need to do with your life. Well, my answer to them will be that while they may be blessed with the rock solid determination and dedication towards everything that they do, there are a few unfortunate souls like me who need a gentle push now and then, to keep us focused on our goals and aims in life. And what better way to have this done than by having a self made goal setting worksheet to serve as a constant reminder about where we ought to reach by when! Because come on, let's face it. Most of us have used an excuse like "I'm not going to do this because everyone expects me to, and nags me constantly about it." At least I have. The real problem is that we need to have all our attention focused on the task at hand, and only then can we say that we are efficient enough to achieve something long term. So, when we have this perpetual reminder about our goals, especially prepared by us ourselves, we have no one to blame but ourselves for our failure, and no one to praise but ourselves when we achieve said goals. That is the sole purpose of having a goal setting worksheet. It helps us to keep a track of our progress in a particular task, and thus we get to know which are the areas that we lack in and which are the areas that we can afford to spend less time on.
How to Use a Goal Setting Worksheet
Making a goal setting worksheet is a totally subjective activity. There is no prescribed format of preparing a goal setting worksheet. You, as an individual know what goals you need to achieve. You also know how you need to achieve the said goals. All you have to do is put the 'what's' and how's' on paper and then go out and actually do them. Fill up the worksheet as per your set time limit for every activity, and you'll get a fair idea of your progress. Begin by using a worksheet for small things like household chores. Make a list of all the chores that you need to tend to in a week, divide the chores according to the number of days, and also based on your social schedule. Take things like the expected duration of the chore, any prior appointments, holidays, etc. into account and only then fill up the planner. Once you've filled it up, make sure that you work according to it and by the end of the week, if you see that you have indeed completed all the chores, even with a few time adjustments here and there, you'll feel a lot better about yourself and get the much-needed encouragement to use a goal setting worksheet for achieving big and significant goals in life.
Here's a template that you can use to devise and execute your plans for achieving different goals. It can be used for students, kids, and even for adults who find it hard to maintain order in what they do. The one given in this article can be modified as per your requirements. It has divided the goal achieving schedule into 4 phases, which you can further divide into as many phases as per your short term or long term goals.
Click to download this Goal Setting Worksheet Template.
Using a goal setting worksheet is something that can be encouraged for children, right from a young age, so that they can get an idea of how to do things systematically and to teach them the importance of time management. I hope the one given above will serve the purpose you need it for. Good luck!