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Learn How to Find Your Passion In Order to Live the Best Life

Omkar Phatak Nov 25, 2018
How can you find your passion in life? How can you discover that one thing, which gives meaning and purpose to it? Here, we will give you some hints on how to discover and nurture it.
Your passion is that one thing which sets you free, from the clutches of boredom, misery, and aimlessness, while giving a purpose to your life. It is that one thing, doing which, brings out the best in you. When you find your passion, it is like discovering a gold mine, that had always been buried in your backyard.
You do not follow it for money, fame, or any other materialistic gains. You follow it because it makes you happy and provides you with a reason to go on. It is as simple as that. It is pure love for what you do.
In our hearts, we know what our passion in life is. We lose sight of it when social conformism kicks in, and we start conforming to the majority. We stop believing in it, when we listen to less of the voice from within and more from those outside voices that tell us what to do.
The society tries to mold us into stereotypes, which we aren't. You do discover your passion early in life, but you are made to ignore it because it doesn't bring in money or because it doesn't conform with the plans that your father or mother have for you.
Peer pressure kicks in and we ignore what we love, for what brings us appreciation, acceptance, and security. You become 'practical' and tread the beaten paths, while ignoring that one thing which makes you feel truly alive.
Somewhere down the line, even though you are financially secure and life goes on, a strange uneasiness creeps in. You have forgotten how to be happy, being yourself. You feel incomplete and hollow from within, as though something is missing.
Most of all, you are unhappy, you hate your job and enthusiasm eludes you. Then, you realize that one secret ingredient is missing, which is passion. It is never too late to rediscover your passion. There is hope, if you still believe in yourself and value happiness, more than anything else.

How to Discover Your Passion in Life?

Find time for yourself first. Take a break out of routine and escape to a beach or go for a hike into the mountains.
Go to your own 'fortress of solitude' to find some answers about yourself. Get a piece of paper and a pen and ask yourself the following questions, which will guide you towards your passion in life.

What Are You Naturally Good At?

The race winning horse doesn't win the race because it wants to win. It wins because it loves running. Just list out the things that you are naturally good at. You do them with effortless ease.
These things or activities that you are good at, will point towards your passion. That is because what you love doing, you do with effortless ease. One or more of these things will be something that you are very passionate about.

What Have You Always Wanted to Be?

As children, we have dreams, which we later toss out of the window, for being too impractical or crazy.
Just list out those secret and crazy ambitions you had. It is never too late to follow your dreams. Among those forgotten dreams, you may find what you truly should be after.

What Are You Crazy About?

What is that one thing that you are crazy about? We are not talking about that gorgeous girl or handsome chap that you are in love with. We are talking about things that you worship and are crazy about.
It may be a sport like football, movies, trekking, or any other activity. One of the activities among these pursuits may be your passion in life. The proof of your passion is your child-like enthusiasm for it.

What Gives You a High?

There are things that you are so passionate about, which simply give you a high. We are not talking about a nicotine, alcohol, or drug-induced high.
It is the high you get from pursuing your passion. It may be any crazy idiosyncrasy that sets you apart from the pack and makes you feel at peace. That my friend, is your passion.

What Makes You Happy?

If you want to discover your passion, let your happiness guide you. Just ask yourself what is it that makes you truly happy.
Don't be guided by money or material gain but by the sheer joy of creating or doing something. It will undoubtedly guide you towards your passion. Just follow your passion. Fame and riches will automatically follow.
After all, the pursuit of happiness is our birthright. You already know it in your hearts, what your passion is. Just brush away the cobwebs of conformism and it will be visible to you. Remember that the key to finding it, is to believe in yourself and your own private genius.