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Learn How to Discipline Yourself and Experience Freedom

Chesley Maldonado Nov 18, 2018
To some, discipline is the thing, which restricts and shackles life. However, the truth is the exact opposite. Discipline yourself and experience freedom from many of the daily problems one faces such as finance, time constraints, health, etc.
Personal discipline does not come naturally for many of us. When it comes to things like getting up in the morning and going to work, we barely manage.
It is usually because, we know the horrible chain of events that can occur if we don't get out of bed and do our jobs. Self-discipline goes beyond pushing yourself through the 9-5, and developing it can be an incredible road to freedom.

The Benefits of Discipline


Following a healthy diet, will enable you to drop the extra pounds that you have been trying (but failing) to get rid of. This doesn't mean that you cut out all the foods, that you love and swear off junk food.
It simply means that you will eat healthier foods in general, and cut back on things that you know are not good for you. You should not deprive yourself totally of "comfort foods," but you can have less of them.
Find a way to make eating fruits and vegetables more fun, and say no to junk food at least every other time you are tempted to have it. Little by little, you will have more will power and watch the pounds go away.


You should also note that exercise is necessary. It is not just for weight loss, but for other fitness issues as well. It can energize you, and help you feel happier and more free to get out and move. It takes a great deal of discipline to exercise regularly, but it really pay off.

Improved Finances

As we mentioned here, it takes self control to work efficiently. This can also help you to make more money. If you are more efficient on the job, and go above and beyond the call of duty, you might get a promotion or a raise.
You can also start a paid hobby on the Internet, like blogging, freelance photography, web design, and other work from home jobs that don't require too much time. Instead of watching hours of television when you come home and nodding off, get online and make some money.
If you are self-employed, your earning potential is virtually unlimited. As your own boss, you can get more marketing done, produce more sales, and earn more money.
The more you work, the more you will earn. Having more money gives us the financial freedom to purchase the things we want, get out of debt, send our kids to college, and go on our dream vacation.
We hope you are convinced that becoming more self-disciplined will have wonderful benefits for you. To be fair and honest, there is one difficulty in taking up the task of disciplining yourself. That is, you will have to do things when you don't feel like doing them.
Even so, we are sure that you will see getting over that hurdle will prove to open the gateway to freedom in your life. Sometimes, it is the lack of this attribute that prevents us from reaching our goals and dreams. We want to encourage you to get over your negative habits and set yourself in gear.
It won't be easy. If it was, everyone would be thin, rich, and have more time on their hands. Become a better person, step by step, and little by little. It won't happen overnight, but if you stick to it, you will see the results, and live a fulfilling, happy, and free life.