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Daily Affirmations for Self-esteem

Geeta Dhavale Nov 26, 2018
Are you losing confidence and suffering from blues everyday? Then, you surely need to boost your self-esteem. Here, we share some insights on how to develop an attitude that will help you become a happier person.
Negative thoughts just pull you down and worsen situations. So, it is always better to think positive and be optimistic. It may not always make everything turn out best, but it will definitely make you feel satisfied. It gives you the strength to cope with problems, boosting your confidence level.
Many psychologists say that positive thinking has the power to attract good things. In fact, what you think is what happens to you. Affirmations are similar to wishful thinking, they help you believe in yourself and whatever you stand for.

What are Daily Affirmations?

Affirmations are merely positive statements that you can say to yourself everyday. They have a great impact on your thought process, and help you achieve what you want. It bring profound transformations in your personal life by overcoming the negative thoughts.
Inspired by them, you feel more confident about achieving all your aims in life. These can be in the form of statements, keywords, or some mantras that hold special meaning for you. They promote positive thinking and help you build up your self-esteem.
There can be a variety of self-affirmative sentences related to different aspects of life, such as success, health, relationships, self-esteem, etc. You can make your own set of such sentences, using positive statements.
However, there are two things you should keep in mind:
  1. Always write affirmations in a positive tone. For example, it is better to write, "I am happy" instead of "I am not sad".
  2. Write affirmations in the present tense. For example, "I am happy" instead of "I will be happy".
Wisely written affirmations work instantaneously for your personal development. Here is a compiled list of positive statements which could be used for this purpose exactly.
List of Positive Affirmations
  • I have the power to change myself.
  • I am happy that I got the opportunity to do what I like.
  • I am using the best of my abilities to improve my life.
  • I like my job and give my hundred percent to it.
  • I am confident and organized.
  • I am open-minded enough to use criticism for self improvement.
  • I am happy in every situation, even in stressful moments.
  • I deserve to be successful.
  • I deserve to be happy.
  • I deserve to be loved.
  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I am happy to take challenges.
  • I have the skills to make my work the best.
  • I have the decision power to make the right choices.
  • I think for myself, having my own choice in all aspects of life.
  • I believe in goodness of life.
  • I can forgive myself and others too.
  • I can understand other people and their motives.
  • I am proud of myself and my loved ones.
These statements will bring drastic changes in your life. Write them down on a piece of paper, and read them everyday. Repeat these affirmations at regular intervals, during the day. You can also put them up where they will be easily visible, such as your dressing table, study table, or soft board.
This will ensure that you are surrounded by positive thoughts all the time. Whenever you feel low or negative, read these assertive sentences aloud to ward off the pessimism.
Daily affirmations program your subconscious in such a way, that they remove all the negativity, making you a natural, positive thinker. According to the law of attraction, they create positive vibes around you, and attract only what you want in life.
All you have to do is believe in what you desire. Repeat it to yourself with assurance, gravity, and conviction. This way, you are sure to create your own world as you want it to be.