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Being a Woman...

Women! Value yourselves, if you want others to value you. If you don't respect yourself, no one else will.

Is it Very Difficult?

No and Yes, in a country like India.

Is a country to be blamed, or its people? Or the thinking & perception of few people having hidebound attitude.

In this story, I wish to let you all know the true essence of being a woman. Have you ever thought about it?

Have you Ever Questioned this?

"Why is my dad more educated than my mom?".

Why are all the crucial decisions of any household taken by the male members?

Why always someone says "Ohh!! You are like my son".

Guys... these are a handful questions out of an ocean of questions that still remain unanswered and neglected.
Being a woman in itself is a gift that The Almighty has bestowed on us.

If being a woman, we don't respect ourselves, then how can we expect respect from others?

Women, it's high time, tighten your laces. We don't need any man to stand by our side, to pat our shoulders & to give us support.

Are we not brave enough to face this world?
The only thing that limits us are our own limitations. If we set ourselves free, remember, nobody can keep us in bond.

We need to be free thinkers & dreamers, because a person without any dream is either the poorest or considered dead.

Our dreams must become our only possession. When we start dreaming, half of our goals are accomplished.

Who will help us achieve it?

Our parents? Our partners? Our friends? Our relatives?

NO. I myself will make it happen. It's my dream after all, why should I let anybody else enter my dreams?

So, all you amazing ladies, I just want to say one thing,

"Rise From Your Ashes And Be A Phoenix"