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Balancing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Kevin Devoto Oct 4, 2019
Your mind is not physical; it’s who you are and your personality. Your mind is part of your spirit and body. It's with your mind that you think, feel, remember, change and grow.
Your brain and mind are separate. Your brain, the grey thing between your ears, is a part of your physical body. It is made up of cells, chemicals, blood vessels, fatty tissues and a lot of other stuff.

Prioritize Your Mind

Your brain is the physical part of your body that facilitates things. For example, a phone is like your brain, the user is like the spirit. The phone will wear out and you'll get rid of it. Some people's phones seem to be their boss. They keep texting all the time, are on Internet, play games, etc.
This is similar to how the body can get addicted to alcohol and drugs. The condition may become so bad that the body controls the spirit. When that happens, it is hard to fix things.
As the Multi G-15 reviews indicate, bad habits can be hard to change, So if you want to change your behavior, like viewing something unethical or any bad habit, one way to start is by controlling your thoughts. Have your mind tell your brain and body what to do, if you want to change a habit or behavior.
Learning to use your mind, which is in your spirit, is important. Use your mind by learning to control your thoughts. Overcoming a bad habit can be hard, and there are things to understand. But deciding that you want your mind to control your brain, is a good start.

Use Energy Effectively

Everything is energy. Energy medicine is corrective body mind balancing. It effectively relieves stressful over-stimulation, psychological stress, and emotional and physical issues that affect your personality development, perceptions and actions. Energy medicine reduces their effects and helps you rise.
Get in touch with two points that strengthen your abilities to offload negative thoughts, by putting energy into positive points. Sit comfortably, relax your jaw, neck and shoulders. Breathe slowly through nose, deep down to your diaphragm. Expand your diaphragm and exhale twice slowly through the nose.
First point is the Governing Vessel, G20. GV, the crossing point of all young channels is called 100 points. It's the main point through which energy circulates through and around the body. Its function is stability of consciousness, to calm disturbance of energy, reduce confused thinking and balance the spirit in the physical body.
Hence, inner peace translates to outer strength.

Yin Tang

The second point is Yin Tang Brow Chakra Energy Center, It's commonly known as the Third Eye. Yin Tang is the brightest place that reflects the spirit it regulates, calms clear perception, and balances intuition and analysis. It relieves headaches, heaviness off the head, restlessness causing insomnia.
Connect and harmonize GV 20 and Yin Tang. Gently place your fingers on both points to locate. Press gently. Gently remove your fingers and center on the point with your breath. Try focusing on these points for 3 minutes once a day for a week.
Having a clear understanding of the point functions and their effects expands your personal boundaries to be as fully developed as you can get.

Be Wise

Those who attend wisdom of heart will have a huge amount of support to stay on course with creating a life that is fulfilling. You constantly want to be on the edge of learning the natural intelligence, that comes through wisdom to occur more in your life.
It doesn't happen by just doing the same routine of waking up in the morning, going to work, coming home and going to sleep. It happens because you actively decide you’re going to do something more to take yourself into greater levels of awareness.