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7 Actionable Tips to Declutter Your Mind

Overwhelmed? And you wish to free up some mind space! Help yourself with these easy tips.
Vinita Tahalramani Nov 15, 2019

Get Your Priorities Straight

Pen down the list of thoughts that matter. Set priority, followed by making a decision or taking actions.

For example, you wish to take a health insurance,
Decision: Whether to take up or not
Action: If yes, go find the best deal; if no, add it in the to-do list

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This is to free up some space in your mind. Use notebook, phone or some phone apps to jot down your ideas and thoughts. Avoid remembering all the ideas that come to your mind.

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Conquer Information Overload

Our own Internet-savvy nature leads to consumption of overwhelming amount of information. Information overload paralyzes us into a state of inaction.

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Get it out by putting it to practical use, write it down or share it with someone. Categorize this information by understanding whether it was consumed for learning or just entertainment.

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Bid Goodbye to Your Past

Holding on the past is an obstruction in future vision. Musty thoughts occupy a lot of brain space, and you need to let go of those thoughts to create free space for new perspectives.

Declutter Your Home

Get rid of unnecessary things around you. Start putting stuff where it belongs. Cleaning up physical space and organizing it helps reduce negative thoughts, stress and anxiety.

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Do One Thing At a Time

Multitasking can slow down your brain. If you are on a personal call and reading an important email, multitasking will work against you.

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Relax! Meditate! Breathe!

Relaxation keeps your mind in the present moment. Here meditation comes to your rescue! The simplest way to calm you mind is to connect with nature.


Do the brain dump exercise daily before going to bed. Decluttering isn’t a one-time thing. To reap its long term benefits make decluttering of mind a habit.