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6 Martial Arts Techniques for Self-Defense

In this perilous time, it’s essential to learn some useful self-defense techniques to save yourself.
Chris Freeman Sep 17, 2019

1. Karate

Developed in Okinawa, karate is considered as one of the best martial art techniques for self-defense.

Learning karate will let you develop strong strikes both in kicking and punching. It’s a solid way of defending yourself.

It’s going to be officially included in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics games.

2. Muay Thai

Also known as Thai boxing, this technique emphasizes on effectively injure or attack the opponent, making room for a faster gateway.

You will learn to deliver some of the powerful leg kicks that are vital for defending yourself.

3. Krav Maga

Created by Imi Lichtenfeld, it’s the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces.

It's a reality-based training where your main goal will be neutralizing your opponent as soon as possible.

This technique is a combination of moves from several other martial art techniques.

4. Keysi Fighting Method

Created by Andy Norman and Justo Dieguez, this technique focuses on moves that can easily defend multiple attackers.

Keysi emphasizes on using your body as a weapon. You will attack with sharp elbow strikes, hammer fists, and head-butts.

If you're being attacked by multiple people, these techniques can be more lethal and useful.

5. Defence Lab

This is a modified version of the Keysi fighting method, and is entirely focused on self-defense against both armed and unarmed situations.

In the DL method, you will have to use your elbows and ‘shapes’ using your arms to create a fearsome style.

With its growing technique range, you can also fend off MMA style attacks.

6. Judo

You may consider judo as a poor self-defense technique as it's all about throwing, pinning, choking, and arm-locking the opponent. But, what makes it good is that it comes with a single-minded approach to throwing your opponent on the ground.

It has been a part of the Olympic Games since 1964, with some very strict rules now.

Physical Defense Combined with Emotional Intelligence

In this age, you need to be a vigilante to survive the cruel world. The best way to do so is by mastering your body, your mind, and your emotional intelligence

Self-defense techniques that are discussed here can help you take proper control over your body, mind, and strength.